Meghan Trainor Halloween Costume

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara Throw a Grinch Halloween Costume Party

While the rest of us slog through the snow and stifling winds of a winter wonderland, a few celebrities took their chance at the annual Halloween festivities. The list is long, but Meghan Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara have managed to make an impression on the social media circuit. For starters, they dressed up as the Grinch’s dog, Max. Their outfits aren’t the only festive get ups on display. They also threw a Halloween party, or at least a themed one. This is a first for the couple, who reportedly set up the event with Chloe Grace Moretz, the former wife of musician Ryan Moretz.

The duo have been inseparable since they married in 2007, and are now sharing custody of a 20 month old son named Riley. While the couple opted for a low key approach this year, they did go all out on their Christmas eve bash. In addition to a well-stocked bar, the couple threw a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” style bash complete with costumed attendees, music and, of course, some boozy beverages. Despite the fact that they threw the party at night, they made time for a few photo ops, including a group shot of the two wearing matching Grinch-inspired attires.

There was a lot to talk about, but the biggest takeaway from the event was that the couple had a lot of fun. Not only did the pair get to hang out with their posse of gawking admirers, but they also got to do a bit of shopping, or at least pawing at the latest and greatest in costumes. One thing is for sure, they’ll be back at it again next year. If they do manage to keep it up, the holiday season will be a fun time for all involved.

As for the Halloween festivities, the two were in a state of high gear. The aforementioned pair spent the better part of a day out and about, with Meghan showcasing her talents at the piano and dancing the night away with her man. She also made sure to catch some snooty eyeballs. After all, this is where the heart truly lies.

What started it all was a lucky draw contest for the couple. Ultimately, the prize was a brand new set of wheels and a whole lot of hilarity.

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