Mary Johns

Mary Johns

Mary Johns was a businesswoman and author who became a trailblazer for women in the workplace. She also fought for Indigenous rights and built bridges between the Carrier people and non-Indigenous Canadians.

Throughout her life, she was concerned with preserving the culture and language of her Carrier people. She worked tirelessly to pass on her traditions and language to young people.

Early Life and Education

Mary Johns was a woman of great accomplishment and courage. She conceived and executed one of five legal challenges that ultimately would form part of the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education, and she was a force for change in her community.

Her daughter Dana Stewart Johns, a Baltimore native, says her mother was also very active in the community, promoting gardening, art and horticulture. Her passion for learning was evident in her many books and library collections.

She also had a strong interest in politics, and she was an outspoken critic of the way women were treated. She also fought against the application of sewage sludge on farm land in Pittsburgh, a fight that she successfully led with her neighbors.

Professional Career

As a former principal, Johns knows a thing or two about schools and teaching. She has a degree in education from the University of Chicago and has been a public school teacher, administrator, and principal at the elementary, middle and high schools levels.

She is currently the proud owner of Blue Sky Coaching, a boutique firm that helps clients with their professional and personal lives. The firm has a client list that includes the likes of Fortune 500 companies as well as individuals and families seeking guidance on their path to success. With a staff of six, the firm offers a variety of services and programs, from executive coaching to mentoring and socialization. The company is headquartered in Breckenridge, Colorado. Founded in 2011, the firm has been awarded the Colorado Springs Business of the Year award three years running and a spot on the Best Places to Work in Colorado list.

Achievements and Honors

A lifelong educator, Mary Johns was a driving force behind the St. John’s Scramble Golf Tournament and Scholarship Dinner from its infancy.

The annual event honors students whose character and actions demonstrate outstanding courage. The Mary Kirwan Catholic Education Scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies Mary’s legacy of leadership, faith, service and pursuit of excellence.

At the 1999 SRCD meeting in Albuquerque, Inge Bretherton and Everett Waters organized a “Celebration of Mary Ainsworth’s Life and Contributions.” With bright floral arrangements and nearly 200 people in attendance, the gathered group enjoyed a variety of slides from Infancy in Uganda and Mary’s 83rd birthday party.

Personal Life

Mary Johns was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She was a loving and caring person who was full of life and joy and made everyone she met feel welcome and special. She loved spending time with her family, cooking, baking, camping, boating, water/snow skiing, and traveling.

She was a member of the Cursillo movement and the Cum Christo organization. She also loved volunteering and helping those in need. Her love for Jesus was her driving force. She was a very special person who will be missed by all who knew her.

Net Worth

Mary johns is a famous actress, singer, and dancer. She is a well-known British film and Broadway icon.

She is known for her roles in several movies and plays, including No Highway in the Sky (1951), Mad About Men (1954) and A Little Night Music (1996).

In her professional career, she has acted in more than 60 films and 30 plays. She has also won several awards and nominations.

Besides, she is an advocate of Ubuntu Life, a charity organization that runs a clinic in Kenya and raises money through the sale of handmade crafts.

Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million – $7 million. She lives in a residential property.

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