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Mark Thome – VP of Trading Technology at Finzly

Mark Thome serves as Vice President of Trading Technology at Finzly and brings extensive experience from within the finance sector, specifically within trading and risk management.

Target Field’s Sam Thome has made headlines for his ability to hit home runs at will, yet unlike some recent 600 club members (Bonds and Sosa), Thome remains unsullied by admissions or allegations related to performance-enhancing drugs.

Early Life and Education

His father, Edward, co-owned Thome & Frisbie Shoe Store in Owosso and served as first vice president for Owosso Savings Bank. When Edward passed away in 1940, shoe dealers in Owosso closed for one hour to pay their respects and remember him.

He is also a composer and arranger, writing music for orchestra, chamber ensemble, dance band and jazz ensemble performances both nationally and internationally. As staff composer for Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia he also composes for Evergreen Brass Quintet Union Avenue Dance Band Olympia Jazz Initiative among many others.

He leaves behind his loving wife of 63 years, Jean; sons Gregory (Sue) Thome and Paul Thome; daughters Betty Carlson and Cathy Thome; 19 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren; brothers Alex Umhoefer, Mark Weyenberg, Bud Steffes, John Wiegand as well as Marilyn Beyer and Doris Duwell as survivors.

Professional Career

Thome amassed 612 home runs during his 21 seasons in the majors, placing eighth all time. A big, powerful first baseman who could get on base quickly.

He walked more than 1,500 times and posted a career batting average of.276, leading him to be honored with induction into the Hall of Fame in 2011.

Thome spent 12 seasons with the Cleveland Indians, helping them win two World Series. However, in 2003 he opted against signing an extended multi-year contract from his team in favor of becoming a free agent with Philadelphia instead – something which outraged many Indians fans. Philadelphia went on to win their division that season while Ryan Howard, his replacement at first base went on to be named National League Rookie of the Year.

Achievement and Honors

After 22-year career as right-handed first and third baseman, Stan Musial was honored this summer with induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame as well as receiving the Musial Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Musial Awards, an event honoring players exemplifying traits such as class and character that made him famous.

Thome achieved 500 home runs in only 8,167 at-bats in 2008, joining an elite club of Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and Frank Thomas who also accomplished this feat. Furthermore, Thome holds the record for most career walk-off homers with 13.

Thome currently lives in Tumwater, Washington where he serves as staff composer for Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia while playing clarinet and saxophone actively. Additionally, he has composed for many ensembles such as chamber groups, jazz combos, full orchestra, concert band and opera productions.

Personal Life

Thome balances his post-career activities with his family life. As an active composer, he works with Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia and MusicWorks Saxophone Ensembles; has composed for numerous concerts; was featured as soloist; is a member of Olympia Jazz Initiative, plays clarinet for Union Avenue Dance Band;

Thome stood apart from Bonds and Rodriguez by never testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and his country-strong physique more than enough to propel him to the top of all-time home run list. When he hit his 500th career home run he donated it to Cooperstown Hall of Fame; later he played with Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, Indians briefly before ending his career with Minnesota Twins.

Net Worth

Thome has dedicated his career to supporting various charities. Currently residing in Peoria, Illinois with his wife and two children.

He stands as an example of a player who amassed wealth through hard work and humility. One of MLB history’s most prolific hitters, he holds the record for career homers hit.

Although Thome had an outstanding career, he does not automatically qualify for induction into the Hall of Fame. Voters tend to assume he will meet this threshold, and Thome doesn’t possess any edge over other candidates like Frank Chance or Orlando Cepeda in terms of having reached that benchmark.

Hank Greenberg might hold an edge against him; however, due to serving during World War II he missed most of his prime years.

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