Maidelys Oliva

Maidelys Oliva

Maidelys Oliva has an NPI number of 135743896 and provides medical services in Pembroke Pines, FL. Maidelys Oliva is licensed in Florida and accepts multiple insurance plans.

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Early Life and Education

Maidelys are analytical thinkers with an insatiable curiosity for truth and knowledge. Their strong interest lies in exploring scientific matters, philosophy and mysticism as these areas provide endless sources of curiosity for them – often unearthing fascinating secrets along the way! When it comes to domestic life they tend to be quite domestic and dedicated family members – often going the extra mile in providing comfort and safety to their close loved ones.

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Personal Life

Maidelys Oliva is also a dedicated philanthropist. She regularly donates to charitable organizations, contributing to fundraising events, supporting families of fallen soldiers as well as victims of natural disasters. Furthermore, Oliva works with local schools providing oral health education. Furthermore, her team at GSDM recently took part in a Family Wellness Fair and Saturday Open Gym event hosted at Madison Park Community Center together with Doggie the CHP Mascot.

Note: Please keep in mind that these reports reflect general payments received for services rendered, which do not always include items and supplies. Patients should contact their provider to ensure which services fall under their plan.

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