Maheisha Adams

Maheisha Adams

Maheisha Adams, a former Peace Corps volunteer from Kenya who now specializes in global L.G.B.T.Q rights advocacy, met Meerim Ilyas at a conference in Ukraine in 2019. They had dinner and assumed it was professional before becoming instantly attracted. Staying in contact during coronavirus shutdown quarantines together, they planned international rendezvous – mixing business with pleasure!

Early Life and Education

Maheisha Adams works as a program officer for the State Department in Washington. She earned a law degree from UC Hastings College of the Law before serving in Kenya with Peace Corps before dedicating herself to advocating for LGBT+ rights in Kyrgyzstan as part of her advocacy work.

Abigail Smith was born November 11th 1744 in Weymouth Massachusetts to Elizabeth Quincy and Reverend William Smith. Abigail’s father taught her to respect God and help those in need; together with her mother she frequently visited sick or poor families to provide food, clothing and firewood.

She and her brother were both intellectually talented; she began taking advanced classes as early as second grade. Their parents recognized this fact and conducted tests for early advancement to high school; she passed with flying colors and was allowed to advance one year earlier than her peers.

Achievement and Honors

Maheisha is a member of both the California Bar Association and Yosemite Conservancy Council, but currently only inactively so. She currently resides in San Francisco with Meerim Ilyas from Bishkek Kyrgyzstan; they married at San Francisco City Hall with Kay Edelman representing California officiating at their ceremony. Scarlet and Ellery are their children.

In April 2019 they first met during a conference in Ukraine and began building their relationship during quarantine in Washington State.

Personal Life

Maheisha Adams has kept her personal life private and it remains unknown whether or not she is married and/or has children. Regardless, her career and social media presence has garnered her admirers worldwide.

She is an active social media user, regularly posting updates about her professional life across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts – each platform boasting an impressive following for her posts.

She is an avid traveler, having visited various countries such as Kenya. Travel has given her an international perspective of different cultures. Additionally, she loves her job reporting from the field with great conversationalist and ideas flowing freely! Eventually her passion for work translated to personal happiness as she entered into an amazing relationship with Meerim Ilyas.

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