Lynsey Adams

Lynsey Adams – Artist With Cerebral Palsy

Lindsay Adams uses art as a medium to tell a narrative – sometimes personal and universal, sometimes cultural and global. Although she has cerebral palsy, Lindsay embraces it as part of who she is rather than viewing it as an impediment to success.

Lynsey is Marketing Manager of Randox Diagnostics, a top manufacturer of clinical diagnostic solutions. She has extensive experience providing customized keynote presentations and workshops.

Early Life and Education

Adams began drawing when she was four, honing her skills at art camps and classes. Recognizing her gift and love of the arts, Adams’ parents encouraged her to make drawing a career choice.

At University of Richmond, she earned her undergraduate degree in International Studies with two majors – Latin and Iberian studies – before enrolling at School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she is now pursuing postgraduate study.

Adams uses paintings of Black women as the focus within intimate floral settings that delve deep into human experience. She embraces her intersecting identities as both Black woman and disabled artist and hopes to subvert existing narratives of both race and disability representation through thick brushstrokes that explores relationships between body parts and surroundings.

Professional Career

Lynsey Adams is a notary public and loan signing agent, offering notary public and loan signing agent services in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Additionally, she offers tax preparation services.

She brings extensive marketing experience, with expertise in in vitro diagnostics and medical device industries. Skilled in marketing management, B2B Marketing and sales; currently employed at Randox as one of their key accounts globally providing clinical diagnostic solutions.

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Achievement and Honors

Lindsey Adams has long been an enthusiastic supporter of many charitable organizations, such as Special Olympics Georgia, Center for Child Well-Being at Task Force for Child Survival & Development and Love Not Lost. Additionally, Lindsey works as co-teacher for students with moderate special needs at Shamrock Middle School.

Adams excelled as both a volleyball and basketball varsity player at Cordova High School for three years, earning six all-tournament team awards in volleyball and two J.I.V.E all-academic teams in basketball – two all-tournament team awards from each sport and two J.I.V.E all-academic teams for basketball respectively. She was also an accomplished pole vaulter; clearing 10-0 during her senior year!

Recently, she earned the America East Wilson Player of the Week honors after averaging 18.5 points and 7.5 rebounds during wins over Stony Brook University and Boston University.

Personal Life

Lynsey Adams was born with cerebral palsy, a motor disability affecting her ability to move and balance. However, she sees herself as an artist – with an incredible capacity for communication and storytelling that others with disabilities don’t possess – who believes her talent should be shared among everyone with disabilities. She takes great pride in standing up for herself by speaking up against bullying; with “protect your peace” tattooed across her side a powerful reminder to always uphold peace within herself and her community.

At the University of Richmond, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies: World Politics and Diplomacy as well as Latin and Iberian Studies. Her works combine her academic expertise with artistic enthusiasm in order to communicate various interpretations of art forms.

Lindsey is currently competing in the Legends Pro Series for Team Tomlin. She has raced at a regional race and currently ranks fourteenth overall in National points standings.

Net Worth

Adams generates considerable income through her television appearances and brand promotions on social media. Additionally, her blog generates some substantial revenue streams.

Professional football broadcaster with a distinguished NFL network resume and an impeccable reputation for her clarity, conversational skills and deep knowledge of the game. Additionally, she has made profitable investment ventures.

Adams is estimated to be worth an estimated $4 Million and recently made his most substantial trade to purchase 200,000 Camping World Inc stock on 9 November 2020 – one of many such transactions since 2011. Wells also makes good money as a DJ at Nashville’s leading radio station.

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