Lorrie Morgan Pixie Haircut

Lorrie Morgan Gets a New Pixie Cut

Upon a closer inspection, it appears that Lorrie Morgan and her posse are not the only ones who’ve figured out the secret to the sexy hair. In fact, she’s not the only one with a pixie cut in the works. Whether or not she’s going to go the full hog, or just trim her tresses, remains to be seen. Regardless of her current status, Lorrie has managed to get her name in lights, and with that in mind, a reshuffling is in order. A new hairdo is a top priority for the effervescent lady, after all, there’s no point in having the sexiest sexy if you can’t make a lasting impression on your man.

Despite the fact that the foxy is a workaholic, Lorrie has managed to make the most of her time offstage. She’s managed to put her best foot forward in several ways, including attending a wedding ceremony and having a hand in a rousing game of ping pong. As it turns out, she is also a pretty big fan of the ladies night. For this reason, she’s thrown a couple of impromptu weddings of her own, including a recent shindig showcasing her posse of nineteen. So far, she’s managed to get a couple of nods, as well as some love in the form of a few new fist bumps, and the occasional smooch. Hopefully, this new chapter in her life will bring more of the same for years to come. After all, she’s got a daughter and a husband who’s just as likely to take up residence in the front row as she is to go the distance on the field.

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