Lois Rinna Obituary Medford Oregon

Lois Rinna – Medford, Oregon – Obituary

Lois Rinna was a longtime Medford, Oregon resident. She passed away peacefully on Monday, November 15th. Her obituary has prompted fans and followers to chime in with their condolences, odes to Lois and thoughts on how she impacted their lives.

Lois Rinna was born on June 7, 1928 in Medford, Massachusetts. Her father, Anthony Joseph (A.J.) De Andrade, was a former president of the Pressmen’s Union. She attended Medford, MA High School before pursuing a degree in drama at Vermont Junior College. Later in life, she worked for Harry & David, Inc. in Southern California before relocating to Medford. In her home town, she was an active member of the Rogue Valley Country Club and the Excalibur membership. During her time in Medford, she also participated in a number of civic organizations.

Lois was a very accomplished woman. She was a champion tennis player and an avid golfer. In addition, she was a former member of the Excalibur, a group of women who strove to promote women’s causes and issues. Other notable achievements included being vice-president of the AFL-CIO and a member of the Hillcrest Committee, an organization for women in the business world.

Lois and Frank moved to Medford in 1970, and the couple had two children together. Their daughter Lisa Rinna Hamlin is the current resident of the area. They are survived by their grandchildren Traci Deland Ryde (Ian) and Samantha Ryde.

Lois was a well-known member of the community. She was a member of the Rogue Valley Country Club, a member of the Excalibur and was a member of the Hillcrest committee. Her contributions to the community were numerous and she was the brains behind a number of local events. The Rogue Valley Chamber of Commerce, Medford Women’s Club and the Medford Parks and Recreation Department were among the organizations she was involved with.

Lois was also known for her love of music. She had a large collection of recordings. When she had the chance, she played her old albums for her friends and family.

She also had a keen interest in art. Her paintings, watercolors, and sculptures were commissioned by local businesses. She also did some freelance work for Standard Oil and Chevrona. Even during the recession, she was able to find employment. It was in this capacity that she garnered the most media attention. Sadly, she passed away in November of 2021. However, the best part about her passing was the legacy she left behind. Those who were close to her say she was a great woman and a true friend.

She is also remembered for her generosity. After her husband’s death, she continued to work in the family business to support the family. While her life was not without its ups and downs, it is clear she was a force to be reckoned with. From her days in the spotlight to her many years of service in the community, she has left a lasting impression on everyone she touched.

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