Lina Thomas

Lina Thomas

Lina Thomas is a general physician specializing in compassionate patient care with over 38 years of professional experience, who practices at various hospitals around her area.

She has established a solid reputation in her practice. Additionally, she represents health care providers facing malpractice claims. With vast experience defending medical professionals against these claims both state and federally she offers services of excellence at her law firm.

Early Life and Education

Lina Mae Wade Maddox was born December 13th 1923 in Smith County Mississippi to Lula Mae and Thomas Wallace Wade and passed away January 1st 2017 at Oxford Glen Senior Care Residence of Grand Prairie Texas.

She was a transgender woman who competed on Penn’s women’s swim team as an alternate member for three years as part of its men’s team, raising questions about gender equity and fair play in sports. Due to her appearances on right-wing media outlets such as Fox News and other sources, some individuals fear allowing transgender athletes compete as women will undermine society’s traditional definitions of sex.

At Northeastern University, she majored in history, which helped to enhance both her writing and research skills and enable her to evaluate modern issues from historical context. This approach enabled her to structure her arguments when advocating for women’s rights or other causes related to social justice.

Professional Career

Lina Thomas is renowned for being an exceptionally qualified general physician with years of experience and her focus is firmly on patient care.

She advised public companies on securities law issues related to reporting and compliance under ’33 Act, NYSE requirements, corporate governance issues and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Additionally, she drafted filings including Forms 10-K and 10-Q annual proxy statements as well as disclosure documents pursuant to ’34 Act disclosure documents.

At this weekend’s Zippy Invitational, Thomas won three events and had the country’s fastest times in two. Her swimming has generated much discussion as she competes on Penn’s women’s team while taking testosterone suppression pills – giving her an advantage over cisgender competitors. However, these NCAA regulations only permit her to swim collegiate events under women’s rules if taking testosterone suppression.

Achievement and Honors

Lina Thomas has earned numerous accolades and awards during her distinguished career, such as graduating from both TIFF Writers Studio and Berlinale Talent Campus. Additionally, her short film “The Vow” has been showcased at several international film festivals.

She also held roles as both judicial law clerk and attorney adviser with the U.S. Department of Justice through its Attorney General Honors Program, working on complex civil matters in state and federal courts.

She is actively engaged with the legal Latino community and has dedicated much of her time since graduation to fostering professional development of law students. As a founder of Georgia Latino Law Foundation (GLLF), she established its summer internship program during COVID-19’s pandemic to provide law students who would have otherwise had difficulty finding one judicial internship an opportunity.

Personal Life

Lina first garnered public attention this year when she won three events at the Zippy Invitational as a transgender swimmer. Lina competed on men’s team for three years prior to transitioning into women’s swimming – her success raising questions on how we treat athletes who occupy both gender identities, particularly competitive sports where fractions of seconds make a difference between victory and defeat.

She is a member of the Texas Bar and practices law in the areas of personal injury, family law and criminal defense. Additionally, she regularly defends hospitals, physicians and nurses against professional liability claims.

She lives on a farm near Milkwater with her husband, Thomas Lightfoot. Although they have no children together, she has an impressive record of volunteering work: serving on various boards of organizations and being an active church member.

Net Worth

Lina’s source of income comes from her role as Mazikeen on Lucifer; earning her six-digit salaries through it.

Lina has become well-known through her eponymous blog and LinaTV lifestyle vlogging channel, where her content covers an array of topics including beauty and travel.

One common method for calculating net worth is adding up all your assets and subtracting your debts, providing an overview of your financial status that can help determine if you are on track towards retirement. Some experts advise aiming for 20 times your annual spending by age 70 when calculating your net worth.

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