Liam Weaver

Coronado Junior Golfer Liam Weaver

Coronado junior Liam Weaver stands out in an elite high school golf league dominated by Cathedral Catholic and La Jolla high schools; his engineering major status makes him standout on his team and boasts the lowest league differential after 17 matches.

Weaver is an advocate of sustainable development who specializes in working on projects in developing nations such as Honduras using tilapia ponds to improve lives.

Early Life and Education

Sigourney Weaver was born and raised in New York City. Her earliest professional stage work included roles in several Off-Broadway productions as well as Portia in Classic Stage Company’s 1984 Tony award-winning Hurlyburly. Additionally, she performed regional repertory theater productions of Anne Nelson’s The Guys at Flea Theater as well as A.R. Gurney world premieres of Mrs. Farnsworth and Crazy Mary by A.R. Gurney.

On film, Weaver has played Warrant Officer Ripley from Alien and its sequels; Dana Barrett in Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters; Gwen and Tawny from Dean Parisot’s science fiction movie Galaxy Quest; Kiri Augustine’s Na’vi daughter in James Cameron’s Avatar is one of her many roles;

She possesses a passionate dedication to building a sustainable world, as well as an unbridled enthusiasm for exploring its cultures, countries and ecosystems. Weaver was instrumental in founding Students Helping Honduras at the University of Tennessee and continues to support this organization.

Professional Career

Attracted by her passion for creating a more sustainable planet and an overwhelming urge to travel, Weaver achieved top honors at her college of engineering. Additionally, she founded Students Helping Honduras as well as working on restoring American chestnut trees that had been damaged by blight.

She currently plays golf for Coronado Islanders golf team, leading its Western League division which contains some of San Diego’s premier Division 1 and 2 schools. With CIF tournaments coming up soon, she hopes to maintain the same pace she’s shown so far.

Achievement and Honors

Weaver was recognized as a college All-American while also playing on a Sault Ste. Marie Bantam AA team that won state and national titles, eventually running his own physical therapy operation with Ashley vanZyle from Sault Ste. Marie as his partner.

His dedication to engineering and desire for a more sustainable planet led him to found Students Helping Honduras while at UT. Additionally, he worked on his family business which focused on replanting American chestnut trees after an blight had eradicated their species.

Weaver has worked diligently as one of the team captains to keep everyone calm throughout this season as more important matches approach. He reports that everyone has seen significant improvements since starting off and hopes they continue this momentum heading into CIF tournaments.

Personal Life

Engineer Weaver was inspired to find ways to impact the world through engineering by his fascination for cultures, countries and ecosystems he visited during travels abroad. To do this he founded Students Helping Honduras as a student organization dedicated to improving Hondurans lives; additionally he volunteers for an American Chestnut Foundation-affiliated group dedicated to restoring American chestnut trees that had been destroyed by blight; for these efforts they were awarded recognition from this foundation.

He’s maintained a low differential this season and hopes to maintain this approach heading into the CIF tournament. His ultimate goal is match medalist honors and an outright tournament win.

Net Worth

Weaver has an in-depth knowledge of both the environment and culture, which is why he strives to better lives worldwide. While studying at University of Tennessee Knoxville he founded Students Helping Honduras group.

The Taken actor maintains a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet. Travel or scheduling changes do not interrupt his fitness regimes; additionally, he does voice-over work for video games such as Gears of War as JD Fenix.

Ted and Liam share many similarities in their coaching styles, from building relationships with players to emphasizing discipline. Both coaches also believe that winning isn’t everything and encourage their teams to strive for excellence.

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