Liam Branagh

Liam Branagh (Actor)

Branagh was just eight when the Troubles first erupted in Belfast, yet this experience would shape his life significantly and also shape that of Chris Hemsworth who went on to star in blockbusters like Thor and The Avengers.

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Early Life and Education

Liam Hemsworth began his acting career in 2007 with guest spots on Australian soap operas Home and Away and McLeods Daughters, then featured as a childrens TV series The Elephant Princess as well as an Australian drama Satisfaction.

In 2009, he traveled to Los Angeles for an audition of Marvels Thor and lost out to his older brother Chris. Soon thereafter he secured supporting roles in Nicolas Cage sci-fi thriller The Knowing and Triangle before landing his first leading role in 2010s The Last Song adaptation by Nicholas Sparks.

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Professional Career

After graduating from RADA, Branagh made an immediate mark upon entering his illustrious acting career. Receiving high praise for roles such as Hamlet at The Society of West End Theatre’s Most Promising Newcomer Award ceremony.

His directing skills also earned him praise, including an Academy Award nomination for his 1991 adaptation of Henry V. However, 1994’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was met with harsh reviews and many began questioning the director’s talent.

His filmography includes thriller Close, crime drama Holy Spider and black comedy Triangle of Sadness. Additionally, he’s appeared in numerous television series such as BBC’s popular Henning Mankell adaptation Wallander. Furthermore, he’s received multiple awards and nominations for his acting, directing, writing and producing work both on stage and screen.

Achievement and Honors

Kenneth Branagh (Frankenstein and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) made headlines for affixing an eerie edge to Agatha Christie’s legendary detective Hercule Poirot with A Haunting in Venice, but remained family friendly in 2018 by also helming Goodbye Christopher Robin biographical drama as well as Peter Rabbit movies with Margot Robbie from About Time starring.

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Personal Life

Branagh developed an appreciation of Shakespeare during his childhood in Belfast. Reading 25-cent paperback books provided him an escape from his schoolyard bullies while developing an expressive, powerful voice.

Although lacking matinee idol looks, Branagh has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors due to his acting skills. He has appeared in films like Star Trek Beyond and About Time as well as TV adaptations of Agatha Christie novels like Ordeal by Innocence.

In 2009, Chris moved with Maddison Brown to the US together. They resided at William Word’s house and began working in soap operas and childrens plays before appearing as his love interest Veronica Miller (Miley Cyrus) in The Last Song (2010) movie. Chris currently dates Maddison Brown as his partner.

Net Worth

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $28 Million and serves as an ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation. In 2007, he started acting with guest appearances on television shows like Home and Away and McLeod’s Daughters.

In 2009, he was chosen to act alongside Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables; however, his character was ultimately written out of the script. Additionally, he auditioned for Marvel’s blockbuster movie Thor; however, Chris eventually got the part.

Branagh has made his mark as an interpreter of Shakespeare on both stage and screen, most notably staging Hamlet and Macbeth for audiences worldwide. Additionally, he directed various film adaptations of these plays including Henry V which earned two Golden Globe Awards for film/television work.

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