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Lead Jack Flashings and SquirrelGard

Lead jack flashings, commonly referred to as pipe boots, are the go-to solution for flashing plumbing vent stacks on roofs. Easy to install and long lasting, they make plumbing vent stacks virtually indestructible – until squirrels find them appealing chewing targets! Once damaged enough by squirrels chewing excessively on them they become leaky, allowing rainwater ingress. SquirrelGard prevents this by covering lead jack flashings to stop chewing, teeth sharpening/filing as well as damage done to waterproof qualities of waterproofing properties of waterproofing qualities of lead jacks by covering leads as well as protecting it against squirrels chewing, chewing/chewing and damage caused by squirrels!

Early Life and Education

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Lead jack flashing is the premier roofing accessory for flashing roof vents, designed to outlive even shingles themselves. Unfortunately, squirrels love nibbling away at it, creating holes through which rainwater enters buildings.

The 3.5mm jack is often used to connect portable media players like MP3 players/iPODs/pods to computer soundcards/laptops or car stereo AUX Ins for listening to music on-the-go, also referred to as headphone jack, AUX-In jack, or earphone jack.

Personal Life

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Lead jacks are vital roofing accessories that help weatherproof vent stacks; unfortunately they’re also an enticing target for squirrels who enjoy nibbling away at them until the metal begins corroding and rainwater leaks into the building.

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Net Worth

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