Kristen Mckeehan Carroll Cause Of Death

Cause of Death of Kristen Mckeehan Carroll

KATHERINE “RENA” LODUCA, of Blue Point, NY, passed away peacefully on June 22. Her death was confirmed by her friend, TRUETT FOSTER MCKEEHAN, who posted a photo of her at her home on Facebook. The photo was accompanied by the following statement: “KATHERINE passed away peacefully on June 22, she was the love of my life, she was my best friend, and my soul mate. She will be missed by all.”


KATHERINE “RENA” LODUCA of Blue Point, NY was the cause of death of kristen mckeehan carroll. She was 94. Probably the most impressive of her many accomplishments is her ability to keep a steady hand. She was a devoted and loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She will be missed by all. She is survived by her husband of 68 years, Michael; daughters, Mary Lou (Greg) Rocco, and Jane (Jon) Brutto; son, Thomas; brother, George (Marta); and sisters, Jeannine (Francis) and Mary (Al) Mulcahy. She was the luckiest member of her family and was loved beyond measure.

The biggest challenge was keeping her occupied. She was an avid shopper and enjoyed nothing more than watching her grandchildren play sports. She was also known to have a heart of gold and a keen mind. She was a kind and compassionate person and will be missed by all.

LAURENCE R. STRAUB, of East Islip, NY, passed away peacefully

78 years old, Lawrence R. Straub, of East Islip, NY, passed away peacefully on January 18, 2019. He is survived by his wife Mary Jane, and his children and grandchildren. His funeral service will be held at St. Patrick’s RC Church in Bay Shore, NY on January 22, 2019.

He is also survived by his sister-in-law, Donna Marie Pirich. He is also the uncle of Marla Gorton and Spencer Gorton. His parents Hilda and Andrew Pirich, Jr., and his brother Andrew Pirich, III, all of East Islip, NY, will also be attending.

His family requests that donations be made to the Visiting Nurse Service or the Long Island Cares Foundation. The funeral home is located at Overton Funeral Home in Islip, NY. They are open Saturday from 1-5PM, and Sunday from 12-3PM. They have a prayer service at 9:30AM on Saturday.


Considering that TobyMac has sold more than 10 million albums to date, he’s not short on time. However, he’s still found himself on the road less traveled, namely, the aisle. This has not only been bad for his well-being, but his reputation as well. As a result, TobyMac’s been forced to eschew a more traditional set of road warriors in order to maintain a semblance of privacy. Thus, the aforementioned hiccups abound. Fortunately, his wife, Amanda Levy McKeehan, has been a sounding board for the last two months. With that, TobyMac has been able to devote more time and energy to his family.


tidbit: Kristen McKeehan, the first of six children in a family of six, passed away on Thursday morning in Los Angeles. She was born October 23, 1967 and grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles. She was a proud fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and attended Bethlehem Baptist school. She is survived by her six siblings and two dogs. She was a fan of technology and wore her hair long. She was an enthusiast of all things fashion, beauty, and wellness. She was an esthetician by trade. She was also a brisk runner. She had a lot of energy and a love of life and she did not disappoint.


Known as the oldest son of Christian rapper TobyMac, Truett Foster McKeehan passed away at his home in Tennessee at the age of 21. His death was caused by an accidental overdose of fentanyl and amphetamines.

Truett Foster was known under several stage names, including TRU, Moxie, and truDog. He wrote songs under these pseudonyms. He also worked with his father on several tracks. The Davidson County medical examiner reported that McKeehan had Adderall in his system at the time of his death.

TobyMac was touring in Canada when he learned of Truett’s death. He flew back to Tennessee to be with his family. He wrote a song for Truett, “Scars,” in honor of his son.

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