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The Las Vegas based franchise has had a rather lackluster season. The team finished in the bottom half of the standings and has yet to find its footing in the race to the jugular. Fortunately, fans can rest easy knowing that the team’s best bets will be in for the duration. Despite the rough start, a championship is within reach of the stragglers. One can only hope the squad has what it takes to wrangle a title in the west. This will be a tall order, but one that is not entirely unavoidable.

A good place to start is the official website. Although the website is a little spartan, it is a gold mine when it comes to Dodgers branded merchandise. Fans can take advantage of the ecommerce site’s free shipping policy to make this year’s season a success story in the making. As a bonus, fans get to play a role in determining the outcome. In addition to the usual suspects, a number of players have sprung up around the franchise over the past few months. For those looking to buy a tee, the site’s assortment includes options for both adults and kids. Those in the market for a new wardrobe will be well served by its selection of jerseys. Some of the more fancier offerings, such as the home and away jerseys, can be had for a hefty sum, albeit a sexier price tag.

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