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Best Shotlock in Kingdom Hearts II

If you are trying to be the best shotlock in Kingdom Hearts II, you’ll need to know how to use your shotlock effectively. Shotlocks are very effective against enemies using armor attacks. If you can use this weapon correctly, you can even block enemy attacks. A Shotlock can help you win, no matter if you are playing Terra, Ventus or Aqua.

Shotlocks are powerful attacks that can hit multiple enemies at once. You must simultaneously hold and press to use them. During the shotlock, you’ll fire a large amount of light and confuse the enemy you’re targeting. Shotlocks can only be used effectively if you have enough Focus. Your Focus can be increased by defeating enemies and gathering Ethers.

The best way to deal with damage from a distance is to use the Shotlock ability. It can help you kill enemies with your ranged attacks. The best Shotlock can shoot eight beams of light horizontally. These beams will not hit your character if you’re moving, but they will hit enemies that are in range.

A Shotlock can be effective against a boss. It can often leave the enemy with only one HP. It also serves as a good counter to melee attacks. In Enchanted Dominion, you’ll have a boss named Wheel Master. You can earn a reward if you are able to use your Shotlocks to defeat him. It is a good idea if you have 20 Shotlocks available before you fight the boss.

To become the best shotlock in Kingdom Hearts 2, the first step is to obtain the Ragnarok Shootlock Command. This command can be found on the Keyblade Board. This can be made using Command Melding. The Royal Board can be used to craft the Wishing Edge Attack Command if you don’t have the Keyblade Board. Afterward, you’ll have to find an arena to battle in.

Another shotlock to try is Break Time. This shotlock can be purchased in Pete’s Rec Room. This area also has a pinball arena. Ragnarok can also be obtained from the first Command Board. Mega flare is the best waveclear shotlock. However, Magnega/Thundaga can be used before the waveclear for shorter cooldowns.

Another way to counter No Heart is to use his Dark Cannon Shotlock. It emits blue energy and is enhanced by a rotating triangle made of blue crystals. This shotlock can also block and reflect. Ven’s Multivortex can also be used against him. Sometimes, he will display the No Heart emblem on armor. The armor cannot be damaged when this happens.

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