Keyon Pittman New Wife

Avis Banks, Keyon Pittman’s New Wife

Avis Banks is a newly graduated college student who was engaged to Keyon Pittman. The couple had been living together and were planning to get married. However, she was found dead in their home after being found unresponsive. There were many rumors about the relationship, and some people believed that she was cheating on Keyon.

Avis was a great teacher, but she was also an aspiring model. She was Greenville’s golden girl. She also had a history of womenizing, including dating other women. In fact, she called another woman shortly before her fiancee’s death. Despite being engaged, she was treated as a side piece.

Avis Pittman met Keyon Pittman when she was two months pregnant. During her time at Alcorn State University, she also started dating Keyon. She also became a teacher and a basketball coach, and her parents gave her permission to adopt their son. The relationship between the two began when Keyon had to move out of his house to pay for his son’s college education. The couple later moved to Ridgeland, Mississippi.

Carla Hughes, who Keyon had dated before he married Avis, was Keyon’s former girlfriend. She initially denied any relationship with him, but later admitted that they had sexual intercourse. She also denied owning a gun. However, she denied being Keyon’s new wife.

The case against Keyon Pittman is far from over, but the jury did not find him guilty of the crime. Carla was Keyon’s girlfriend, and she had a history of stalking him. Moreover, the prosecution’s attorney used this as an excuse to portray Keyon as the killer.

Keyon Pittman and Avis Pittman were previously engaged. The couple met in 2005. They had a child together, Avis. But after a few months, Keyon and Avis split. Keyon subsequently married another woman. Keyon’s new wife, Avis, grew up with another man.

The story behind Keyon Pittman’s new wife is a tragic one. She was sexually active with Keyon Pittman. She had met Pittman at Chastain Middle School in Jackson. The two had a sexual relationship, but Pittman’s family never found out about it. She also denied knowing Hughes was having a relationship with someone else. However, Hughes’ mother and Lynda Hughes decided to establish a fund for her daughter’s surviving mother.

While Keyon Pittman is a criminal defendant, Carla Hughes’s mother believes that her daughter’s murder case is unjustifiable. She is now launching a GoGetFunding campaign to fund a new investigation. Her supporters point to a forensic pathologist, Dr. Steven Hayne. The doctor specialized in autopsy and made more than $1 million a year. His testimony was used to support the prosecution’s case. This evidence was eventually discredited by the state of Mississippi.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues as Pittman continues to fight the charges against him. The prosecutors introduced bloody shoe that was tied to the scene of the crime. The results of the gun residue tests are still awaiting. Meanwhile, investigators hope to talk to him in court to determine if he was involved in the crime. However, in the meantime, Carla Hughes has been placed in custody until the next grand jury meeting.

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