Kenya Johns

Kenya Johns is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a PhD Candidate at Duquesne University

A licensed professional counselor, kenya johns is a school counseling program director at Geneva College in Beaver Falls. She also is a PhD candidate at Duquesne University focused on clinical supervision and education.

She is a member of the Beaver Falls community, having served on the boards for TRAILS Ministries and Harmony House Bridge to Recovery. She also does diversity and equity consulting work for organizations across sectors.


Kenya Johns graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology from Slippery Rock University, then went on to earn a graduate certificate in clinical mental health counseling from Geneva College. She also earned a doctorate in clinical supervision and education from Duquesne University.

Education has many purposes, one of which is to nurture human development so that individuals may fulfill their potential, relate to others in society as good citizens, and exercise creative and loving dominion over their environment. At a more fundamental level, however, education is also about teaching and imparting knowledge to people.

This includes both formal forms, involving the use of a curriculum, and informal ones, rooted in conversation and the exchange of information. Education is about using these different methods and moments of transmission, exploration and action as they fit the guiding eidos and disposition of education – which is why we often see educational activity in both of these senses at once.


kenya johns is a professional counselor with a knack for communication. She has a passion for creating and fostering community and is an active advocate within her local and global communities.

She has a doctorate in Counseling Education and Supervision from Duquesne University as well as a Master’s in Psychology and Spanish from Slippery Rock University. She is an avid presenter at diversity and equity based conferences and provides guidance on culture-building, workplace management, culture-shifting, relationships, wellness and mentorship.

She is also a proud wife and mother of two. She is a first-generation college graduate and a trailblazer for her family, her community and herself. She is a true advocate and leader who is determined to make Beaver Falls the best city in western Pennsylvania. Currently the mayor of Beaver Falls, she is focused on addressing issues and opportunities that will help create a more inclusive and vibrant community. She is confident that with her leadership Beaver Falls will be able to tackle any and all challenges that may come its way.

Personal Life

Kenya Johns is a first-generation college graduate with a doctorate degree in Counseling Education & Supervision. She is set to become the first Black woman elected mayor of Beaver Falls in her hometown’s 153-year history.

During her time at Slippery Rock University, she studied Spanish and psychology, and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in counseling, and a doctorate in clinical mental health counseling. She now serves as school counseling program director at Geneva College.

Her work is dedicated to educating and inspiring others with diversity, equity and inclusion-based programming. She also offers professional consulting services in diversity, workplace management, culture-shifting, relationships, wellness and mentorship.

Before she left for Africa, Kenya Johns had been a photojournalist with National Geographic. She was also a writer and photographer for the Albany Democrat-Herald in Oregon.


Kenya Johns is the first Black woman elected mayor of Beaver Falls, a 2.35 square mile city located 31 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. Her victory was made possible by her steadfast commitment to the people of Beaver Falls.

In addition to her work as a professional counselor, she has served as a program supervisor and educator in community organizations and in private consultations. She has a passion for change and education, and is dedicated to improving mental health and enhancing career development.

When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering for her local church. She is also an avid supporter of the local school system.

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