Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas – Author, Speaker and Leadership Development Coach

Kenneth Allen Thomas is an Author, Speaker and Leadership Development Coach known by many as the Dancing Dad. He assists organizations to build team mindset and overcome adversity for better personal and professional success.

Kenneth Thoma, 60 years old and resident of Twin Lakes in Wisconsin was reported missing Oct 19 and his disappearance remained under investigation until November when his body was discovered on a bike trail nearby.

Early Life and Education

Thomas demonstrated an early aptitude for art, and her parents encouraged her to explore it further. She attended Corcoran School of Art and Design to study painting before working as a color field painter with artists such as Morris Louis and Gene Davis.

After enrolling at the University of Maryland and earning her bachelor’s degree there, she later attended Yale Law School where she obtained a juris doctorate degree.

Public records enable us to uncover Kenneth Thoma’s current and past home addresses, phone numbers, age and any known relatives – providing more accurate and useful information for you.

Professional Career

Kenneth Thomas is a professional speaker who provides audiences with insights on leadership in times of adversity. He travels the world sharing his story and encouraging them to follow their dreams; teaching team mindset training that improves performance while discussing overcoming challenges and shifting perspective.

He provides advice to domestic and international companies, boards, and financial advisors on various strategic transactions ranging from mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, investments, joint ventures, stock and asset acquisitions and divestitures, going-private/going-public transactions as well as general corporate matters.

Ken serves as co-chair of our firm’s Sports & Entertainment practice group and is also an active member of its Global Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Additionally, he regularly contributes articles to industry publications as well as speaking at industry events on various legal topics.

Personal Life

Thomas’ friendship with Crow was reported by The New York Times in 2011, and raised ethical concerns. Additionally to helping fund a museum, Thomas also helped establish Liberty Central during the Tea Party movement as an anti-tax conservative group.

As well as his military service and musical endeavors, he is also an independent country music singer who has released several independently produced albums. As part of United States Army Ranger training he participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia (the famous Battle of Mogadishu depicted in Black Hawk Down).

Melissa Benoist is his wife, and they share one daughter, Juniper Grace Louise. In addition to being an actor, Michael Benoist also holds seminars and speaks at organizations on team building skills for success.

Net Worth

Thomas remains active in charity despite his busy schedule. He created the Kenny Thomas Foundation, which helps youths and families. Furthermore, Thomas can often be found attending Kings games as a regular fan.

Former NBA star Vince Carter is both husband and father, sharing pictures of their children on his Instagram account. However, he remains private about his relationship status as well as any information on potential partners.

Kenneth Thomas currently has a net worth of $18 Million, amassing it through his time spent playing in the NBA for different teams including Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings and more recently acting as an Independent Director at Northeast Community Bancorp Inc.

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