Keith Gordon Net Worth

Keith Gordon Net Worth

Keith Gordon is a film director and actor in the United States. He is married to Rachel Griffin, who is also an actress and filmmaker. They have two children. Their net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. The couple got married in 1998 and have not separated since. Keith has two children with Rachel.

Keith Gordon was born in New York City, NY. His parents are stage directors and actors Mark Gordon and Barbara Gordon. He grew up in a non-religious Jewish family. His parents influenced him to become an actor and he began acting when he was twelve years old.

Keith Gordon married Rachel Griffin in 1998. She is an actress and producer and is best known for her role in A Midnight Clear. They have not disclosed the number of children they have. Despite being an actor, Keith Gordon has a modest lifestyle and maintains a modest net worth.

Gordon has had several successful acting roles. He has been in several television series and films, including Brooklyn Bridge in 1993 and American Playhouse in 1982. He also appeared in the television series Miami Vice, where he played Prof. Terrence Baines. After several years of acting, he decided to pursue a directing career. His directorial debut, The Chocolate War, was released in 1988. Gordon is also known for his directing work, including his films A Midnight Clear and Dressed to Kill.

In addition to acting, Keith Gordon is also a radio host on KTCK SportsRadio 1310 AM, “The Ticket” in Dallas, Texas. He has been hosting the program with George Dunham and Craig Miller since 1995. His net worth is estimated at $3 million. This amount may be lower than you might expect, but it is still a substantial amount. Hopefully, Keith Gordon will continue to rise in the years to come.

Keith Gordon was born in 1961. His parents raised him in New York. He was featured in Jaws 2 and All That Jazz in 1979, and has earned millions of dollars from acting. If you’re curious about his net worth, check out his biography and wiki. You can also see his pictures and know his salary.

He has won numerous awards for his film work. His most notable films include The Chocolate War, A Midnight Clear, Mother Night, and Waking the Dead. He also directed several television episodes. His success in filmmaking helped him become more sought-after in his career. It is estimated that his net worth is around $150 million.

Jonathan Gordon has over thirteen years in the financial services industry. He has previously co-founded and led Excelsis Research, where he served as its Head of Alternative Investment Research for three years. He is also a self-help author. As of 2019, Jon Gordon has a net worth of $97 million.

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