Katie Dempsey Baby Daddy

Katie Dempsey – Baby Daddy

There are a lot of people who are very interested in the upcoming flurry of celebrity babies. For those of you who aren’t, here is the scoop on how Katie Dempsey is faring. The actress recently took a break from filming her new ad campaign for a new clothing line to spend time with her baby girl. Apparently, she’s got the love child thing down and it appears to be a happy one. Clearly, the perks of being a single mom have had an impact on her social media following.

On April 9, 2020, the actress took to TikTok to start uploading content. The resulting virality of her brand has been staggering. It is expected to reach a whopping ten billion by 2023. As of this writing, the TikTok fan club has more than 200,000 members and a combined follower count of more than 80,000. In addition to her TikTok presence, the actress has several blogs and an impressive social media footprint. She also appears to have a fairly good handle on the latest trends. A recent report claims that she has more than a million followers on her Twitter account alone.

The biggest hitter is obviously the TikTok, but the actress also dabbles in Facebook and Instagram. She has more than a thousand followers on each of these platforms, which is more than enough to keep her fans happy. Having a social media presence is a great way for celebrities to establish a foothold in the community, which is especially useful in this age of online stalking. Although, it’s not clear why she chose to go with a social media platform over a more traditional medium.

Aside from her new gig, the actress has been very busy lately. She’s also had some high profile dating woes of her own. One of the biggest blips in her career was when her ex-boyfriend, Zach Frederick, decided to walk away from the game after their daughter, Lilly, was born. Even so, the actress has managed to keep her head above water. While her former beau hasn’t exactly been a philanderer, it’s clear that they haven’t been the best of buds. Moreover, it’s rumored that he left Demps for another woman who is reportedly more successful than he is. At the time of publication, rumors abound that the former Miss Teen USA has rekindled her relationship with her longtime love, but there is no official confirmation.

Probably the most important function of all is being a good parent. This is the reason why the actress has chosen to become a stay at home mum. Her mother is apparently on board and it seems like her daughter may be modelling some of her old lady outfits. However, the sexiest woman in the world has not been confirmed. Having said that, it’s unclear how she’s feeling about her daughter’s recent decision. Perhaps, the actress is trying to prove herself as a good mother to her daughter and not just a pampered princess.

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