Kate Middleton Patrick Mavros

Kate Middleton and Patrick Mavros Earrings

Kate Middleton has worn several pairs of Patrick Mavros earrings. This African brand was founded by jeweler Patrick Mavros and his wife Catja. They began their business in 1978 and are now present in stores in Kenya, Mauritius, and London. The brand is also popular in Zimbabwe.

Recently, Kate Middleton debuted two new pairs of Patrick Mavros earrings. These pieces were inspired by the Indian Ocean and its colors. The dangling earrings feature a sea urchin with milky quartz dangling from it. One pair is set in 18ct gold and the other is made of sterling silver.

These earrings were worn during Mental Health Awareness Week and on International Nurses Day. In addition, the Duchess has wore them for a variety of other occasions. She has worn them to celebrate the 72nd birthday of the NHS and on ITV’s This Morning. Her most recent appearance in them was at an evening reception for the Tusk Trust.

While most of the time Kate wears her earrings with high-end, expensive outfits, she has also paired them with a number of affordable high-street brands. Some of her most expensive rewears are the Cartier Halo tiara (worth $1.7 million) and the Nura necklace (worth $700). Another pair of expensive, statement earrings is the Monica Vinader Siren wire earring (retails for PS125).

Whether she’s going for a casual look or dressing for the occasion, Kate has a knack for finding the perfect piece for any occasion. For example, her most recent rewear of the Ocean Tides Milky Quartz earrings is a stunning piece of jewellery that looks like a beautiful addition to her jewelry box. Featuring a gold sea urchin with diamond at the center, these earrings are a great way to add an exotic touch to your wardrobe.

Other rewears include the Ndoro earrings she wore to a polo match in 2009. In fact, Kate’s jewelry collection includes a range of different designers. She’s also a big fan of the Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings from Chelsea jeweler Robinson Pelham.

Aside from being a member of the royal family, Kate Middleton is also a mom and charitable advocate. She has teamed up with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex to launch a mental health project called “Hold Still” and has worked with charities to raise awareness of issues such as anxiety and depression. As a result, she’s been seen wearing several pieces of jewellery during lockdowns.

Throughout her career, she’s worn several different pairs of Patrick Mavros earrings. She’s been spotted wearing them during a variety of public appearances, including a roundtable chat with midwives, a charity event, and an interview on ITV’s This Morning. Even though she’s been a staple in the Royal Family’s jewellery collection for years, she continues to seek out other pieces to make her collection truly special.

If you love Kate’s style, you can get your hands on some of her favourite pieces by browsing the online store. You can also find her earrings in other stores, such as Matches Fashion.

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