Karmeshia Thomas

Karmeshia Thomas, 25, Was Found Dead at the Mardi Gras Truck Stop on Sunday

Karmeshia Thomas, 25, called her mother from within the Mardi Gras Truck Stop on Sunday to inform her she would soon return. Thomas reported watching a football game and telling her mother she would soon be home.

She never made it back, however; three days after being reported missing her body was located by WREG and now truck drivers across the nation are honoring her memory while advocating for safety measures.

Early Life and Education

Karmeshia Thomas worked for KLLM Transport in Richland. On September 9 of last year she made contact with Joyce Thomas who told her her phone had been stolen on Bourbon Street. Joyce Thomas then reached out to KLLM Transport who contacted Mardi Gras Truck Stop who then conducted welfare checks at one of its parking spots where Karmeshia Thomas was found dead inside her rig parked nearby.

Thomas’ family is looking for justice. A woman trucker named Sabrina Lockley is honoring Thomas’ memory while advocating for driver safety on TikTok.

Professional Career

Karmeshia Thomas was an enthusiastic young black truck driver from Coahoma County High School in Louisiana who loved being on the road. In 2011, she graduated with an Associates Degree from KLLM Transport out of Richland and drove for them until her death last October.

Joyce Thomas last heard from her daughter on September 9 when she reported her phone being taken while on Bourbon Street. At that point, the truck stop manager informed Joyce and requested they conduct a welfare check on her.

Sabrina Lockley has made it her mission to honor Thomas’ memory by spreading awareness about truck driving safety for women drivers through TikTok and spreading her message of awareness and safety for female truck drivers in particular.

Achievement and Honors

Karmeshia Thomas was found dead at Mardi Gras Truck Stop in New Orleans last March at 25 years old, leaving many hearts broken. Thomas’ family and friends promised not to allow her death go unrecognized and now truck drivers from across the United States are gathering Saturday for a memorial convoy and graveside service honoring Thomas. Yolanda Tappin of Schneider National from Houston who founded Divas With A Driven Purpose (DWAP) said she organized this event because she didn’t want Thomas’ death to have gone in vain.

Personal Life

Karmeshia Thomas of Clarksdale, Mississippi graduated from Alcorn State University and now drives professionally with KLLM Transport; in her free time she studies business administration and travels the world according to her Facebook profile.

After discovering their daughter dead inside of her truck in New Orleans last year, her family are searching for answers. Their mother called the truck stop where her daughter had been parked to ask them to conduct a welfare check after hearing from her phone company that her welfare needed checking on.

Sabrina Lockley has made it her mission to honor Thomas and advocate for fellow female truck drivers through TikTok safety conversations on the road, touching many lives as she goes. Click here for more on her work!

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Karmeshia Thomas was found deceased inside her rig at Mardi Gras Truck Stop in New Orleans on September 12, 2018. Her mother Joyce reported she last spoke to Karmeshia on Sunday when it was told it had been stolen on Bourbon Street.

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