Karisa Daniels

Karisa Daniels, 23, Was Sentenced to 46 Years in Prison for the September 2017 Shooting of a Virginia State Trooper

Karisa Daniels is serving a 46-year prison sentence for shooting at Virginia state trooper C.A. Putnam while traveling at 87 mph. Daniels attempted to flee, only for her vehicle to end up in a cul-de-sac instead.

Daniels and Low Ki defeated The New Franchise and Andy Douglas to capture the NWA World Tag Team Championship, although they later lost it to LAX at Bound for Glory.

Early Life and Education

Karisa Daniels was sentenced to 46 years for shooting Virginia state trooper William E. Wood on May 26, 2014. Daniels was found guilty on six charges including attempted capital murder of a police officer.

Trooper C.A. Putnam attempted to pull over an individual driving 87 miles per hour in a 60 mph zone in September of 2016; she fled and was eventually chased to Lakeway Court where police eventually caught up with her and arrested her for reckless driving.

Daniels conceded to shooting the trooper during her jailhouse interview with WTVR; however, she denied involvement in any robberies in Richmond or Myrtle Beach; though some surveillance photos resembled her very closely, she maintained she wasn’t responsible. Additionally, Daniels denied robbing a couple’s home.

Professional Career

Previous to joining CUNY and private universities, she led the global pro bono program of an international law firm and presented research at national conferences. Additionally, she offered coaching services on work/life balance and parenting to lawyers as well as speaking about working mothers at both.

Karisa Daniels of Durham, North Carolina claims she was under the influence of heroin when Virginia State Trooper C.A. Putnam tried to stop her on Chippenham Parkway. Though Daniels admits shooting Putnam accidentally, she did so out of self-defence and did not intend for this to occur.

But she still managed to shoot him twice, before fleeing from police on foot and in her vehicle until she was eventually caught in a cul-de-sac.

Achievement and Honors

Karisa Daniels was sentenced to 46 years for shooting a Virginia state trooper during what she described as a drug-fueled outburst in September 2017 while serving as an assistant coach at Northeastern and Memphis Universities from 2017-20. Daniels received her undergraduate degree at UCF in 2011 before receiving a master’s from Memphis two years later.

Personal Life

Karisa Daniels is serving 46 years for her involvement in the September 2017 shooting of a Virginia state trooper during a high-speed pursuit, following which she pleaded guilty to six of 15 charges she faced including attempted capital murder.

She admitted in a jailhouse interview that she was high on heroin and illegally carrying a firearm when Trooper CA Putnam pulled her over for speeding in Henrico County, Virginia, but maintained that she wasn’t in an appropriate mental state to make decisions about these matters.

After emerging from her car, she fired her weapon at a trooper as he approached. He was hit in his arm and bulletproof vest before fleeing the scene to a home on September Drive where sources claim she knocked on the door but duck beneath its peep hole before drawing her gun to demand keys from two residents who happened to be the parents of an officer.

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