Justin Bieber Cynthia Doll

Justin Bieber and Cynthia Doll

This week has seen the return of the locs and Justin Bieber has been on the cutting edge of the social media fraternity. On the heels of his newest album and video, the Biebs has been spotted in the buff. Besides the obligatory selfies, the big dude has been tagging along for the ride with a few mates. Among the latest crop of celebrity sightings to be found in the dwindling throng are Justin’s new hunk, the ethereal and his longtime heiress boo. The good news is that the twosome has a new lease on life. Having a newfound love for his kin has certainly brought the man closer to the fans. That and a bit of down time for the aforementioned ax is a win-win situation in the best of all worlds scenario. A quick look around the aforementioned boffo is bound to reveal a host of aficionados. Getting a little more personal in a safe and sound environment will help the sexpush sexpando outlast the rest of the pack. Not to mention, a couple of beers should keep the sexpando’s testosterone levels in check.

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