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Southern Charm Season 2 – Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols Are Expecting a Baby Girl

Despite their past, Justin and Kelsey still hold a lot of love for each other, which is why we’re excited to see how they will handle this season of Southern Charm.

Season 2 premiere

During the first season of Southern Charm: New Orleans, Justin Reese dated his nurse girlfriend Kelsey Nichols. They had a very interesting relationship. They lived in Justin’s parents’ home, and Justin’s mom had a lot to say about the remodeling of Justin’s old family home. However, Justin and Kelsey didn’t exactly get along.

In Season 2 of Southern Charm: New Orleans, Justin and Kelsey continue to make a go of their relationship. They are both a couple of years into their relationship. However, there are some changes in the relationship. Kelsey is getting engaged, and Justin is dragging his feet. They have been keeping quiet on social media, but they posted a picture on April 3 revealing that their three year anniversary was approaching.

Jeff and Reagan are in the middle of a divorce and they are trying to move on. They meet up with their therapist and get some guidance. They also go on an apartment hunting trip in the French Quarter. They are also reunited with their friend Barry.

Season 3

Despite not being officially canceled, Southern Charm New Orleans hasn’t been renewed for a third season. Fans of the show will have to wait until spring 2022 for the next installment, though. It will include some new cast members, though.

One of the most talked about subjects on the show is Justin and Kelsey’s relationship. After dating for six months, the couple split. They decided to move in together to renovate his childhood home, which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Justin’s mom is a big part of the story. She has a lot to say about how the home should be renovated. The renovations impressed Dottie Reese, a prominent New Orleans judge.

Southern Charm: New Orleans hasn’t ventured out of New Orleans yet, but the third season might include a visit to the French Quarter. It’s also possible that new cast members might join the show if it’s picked up for a third season.

The first season focused on New Orleans culture and the beaches, while the second explored friendships. The third season will likely focus on friendships and a house renovation.

Reece Thomas’ Instagram hasn’t been active since 2019

Despite his best efforts, Reece Thomas has been a bit of a recluse in recent years. His Instagram has been largely unpopulated, which is a shame considering he has amassed a cult following of his own. This has led to a number of amusing (and not so amusing) interactions. One of these was his wife Reagan Charleston revealing that she is expecting a baby girl. After months of speculation, she revealed that she and Reece were expecting a daughter in early June. It looks like Reece isn’t the only one in the family, as his brother-in-law Zach Braff is expecting a second child.

Aside from the aforementioned, he and his wife also have two dogs. That’s a feat in itself, and it’s one that’s not too common in the entertainment industry. The two have been known to play nicely with each other, but this is a rare occurrence. They’ve also been known to make some outlandish blunders, such as leaving the house at 10PM when they’re supposed to be in bed.

Tamica Lee’s feelings about Kelsey

During the first season of Southern Charm New Orleans, fans were interested in how Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols would handle their relationship. While Reese hasn’t proposed yet, he and Nichols have been together for years. They moved in together after Justin’s parents divorced. They have been working on renovations to their childhood home.

In season two, viewers will get a closer look at how Justin and Kelsey are handling their relationship. The show will also feature some real drama in the dirty south.

In this episode of Southern Charm New Orleans, Justin Reese is having a housewarming party. It’s also the season’s first all-cast party. While there are some awkward moments, it looks like everyone will be having fun.

During the party, Justin and Kelsey have a showdown. They’ve been dating for years, and they still have a lot of questions.

While things seem to be working out for Justin and Kelsey, Tamica Lee is still having issues. She’s still upset about Gian’s behavior during Easter. She’s also concerned about Reagan’s pregnancy. She’s trying to mend their friendship. She wants more time with family.

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