Joyce Jack

Joyce Jack

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Jack Joyce is William’s younger brother and Paul Serene’s childhood best friend in Quantum Break. Jack is known as a Shifter – someone affected by Chronon particles which allow them to operate within Stutters in Time.

Early Life and Education

Joyce Harrison was born to Walter and Helen Harrison of Philadelphia, PA, both financially struggling parents who taught her the value of hard work. As she assisted her father with farm chores and ran into town for groceries as an early wife and mother she canned vegetables from their vast garden.

Jack and she met at a first grade friend’s party, immediately taking to each other and developing an instant attraction that continued into young adulthood until they finally married on August 26, 1961.

Joyce loved spending time with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren! She enjoyed quilting and gardening with roses being one of her passions. Joyce traveled frequently and made many lifelong friends along the way – becoming a longstanding member of St Andrew Presbyterian Church in Renton.

Professional Career

Joyce enjoyed numerous activities, from dog breeding and participating in professional dog shows to traveling through Europe and the US visiting family and friends. Additionally, Joyce was an avid gardener, birder, quilter, and craftsperson.

She leaves behind a husband of nearly 65 years, her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; as well as many wonderful friends she made through work or dog shows.

Joyce Hodge lives with her sister Jolyn Lloyd in Kingwood, Texas while John Hodge resides in Lansing. Joyce also has numerous nieces and nephews as well. Joyce was close with Paul Ford (deceased). Paul Ford passed away suddenly in December 1999 due to brain cancer; Joyce will be deeply missed but her generosity and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten by those she served and loved in our community. We all thank Joyce Hodge for dedicating herself so selflessly over many years – she will always be remembered fondly by us all in our midst!

Achievement and Honors

Joyce Jacks provided railroad track clearing after bombings in Europe and lifted aircraft for service work during WWII. Additionally, he helped develop and convince contractors to fund his union’s training operation.

He returned to Riverport in October 2016 with the intent of helping William and Paul Serene with their time machine project, but it turned out to be defective, giving them access to chronons that gave them control of time manipulation. Soon afterwards he became the target of Monarch Solutions led by an older Paul Serene and is later on targeted by Monarch Solutions once more.

On Friday evening in Corvallis, Oregon, six Fermentation Science students received scholarships from brewery industry advocates such as Great Western Malting, Beer Institute, Indie Hops LLC Coleman Agriculture and 2 Towns Ciderhouse at an award ceremony.

Personal Life

Joyce is both an author and teacher of writing at Columbia University and Breadloaf Writers Conference. She has published eight books, including Minor Characters and Bad Connections; co-founded Open City literary magazine; and founded Kerouac Workshop as a founding member.

She is an attractive brunette model who has appeared several times in Playboy magazine – even serving as cover girl of its July 1958 issue!

Personal problems have plagued her life for quite some time; she has gone through two marriages and been widowed with one son to care for. Additionally, she has struggled with substance abuse, depression and bipolar disorder in the past but is making strides to overcome them all and to support others experiencing similar struggles.

Net Worth

Joyce is an internationally acclaimed artist who has earned herself an exceptional reputation within the art world. Her works have garnered immense critical acclaim and been showcased at several renowned exhibitions around the globe.

She is currently working on various projects, such as writing children’s books and publications related to arts. When not working or spending time with family and friends, she loves spending her free time.

Joyce DeWitt boasts an impressive net worth of $4 Million despite no longer working in entertainment, thanks to her sibling, Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company. Joseph Parker will fight Joyce this weekend at Manchester’s AO Arena to vie for WBO interim heavyweight championship.

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