John Vugrin

John Vugrin – The Man Behind Bespoke Furniture and Objects D’Art

John Vugrin is an American artist who has been designing interiors and crafting furniture for many years. His skill set encompasses wood, glass, steel, bronze, copper and marble – giving him a unique perspective on materials.

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg designed the interiors of his striking Joshua Tree House, situated on 10 acres in California. Known for its organic interior design that seamlessly incorporates rock formations, this residence stands as a beacon for peace and serenity.

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Professional Career

John Vugrin, the mastermind behind bespoke furniture and objects d’art, has been designing and fabricating for many years. His portfolio includes some prestigious projects such as a custom home in Los Angeles area and an order from Queen Elizabeth II.

His most recent endeavor was the renovation of Kendrick Bangs Kellogg’s iconic Kellogg Doolittle House in Joshua Tree, California. Constructed during the 1980s by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, this prehistoric-modern masterpiece stands as one of Vugrin’s greatest successes. Made up of 26 cast concrete vertebrae that rise up as columns and fan out to form its roof, it measures 4,643 square feet in area. Over time, Vugrin and his team transformed this skeletal structure into an accessible museum featuring site-specific design elements plus stunning furniture pieces.

Personal Life

John Vugrin is a renowned architect whose work has been featured in multiple publications. A talented craftsman, John works on materials such as marble, wood, stone, glass, copper and bronze; some of his high-profile projects include The Joshua Tree and Chapel of the Rock.

He was a protege of renowned architect Ken Kellogg and was responsible for many interior details on this expansive venture. With an eye towards aesthetics, he never rushed his designs – allowing them to be handcrafted over three decades by himself and Kellogg. From marble floors to copper and bronze fixtures, his craftsmanship put into this chapel that serves as a place of worship today.

Net Worth

John Vugrin is an internationally-renowned author and YouTube personality. His books have received critical acclaim across the board. Additionally, John and his brother Hank launched VlogBrothers, a video channel on YouTube which has gained global acclaim.

He has published six novels and earned numerous accolades for his work. These include the Corine Literature Prize, Indiana Authors Award, and Children’s Choice Book Award.

He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and two children. His net worth of $5 million is largely the result of his writing and other activities.

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