John Travolta Grabs Elizabeth Olsen

John Travolta Grabs Elizabeth Olsen After a Heartbreaking Loss

In case you’re unaware, actor John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have been married for more than twenty years. During this time, the pair have raised three children, Benjamin, Ella, and Jett. However, the couple’s love story had a sad end when Kelly passed away in July after a long battle with breast cancer. So what does John have to say about this?

As you can imagine, he’s taken to social media to reach out to his fans. This Thanksgiving marks the first without his wife and mother-in-law, and he’s decided to take advantage of the holiday to share his thoughts on love and loss. One of the best examples of this is a video he made on Instagram in which he pays homage to his wife’s achievements and thank his fans for their love. The video is a nice, low-key tribute to his wife and the life they shared.

Earlier this week, Travolta made his presence felt at the David Makes Man premiere in Los Angeles. The two-stars-high ceremony is a rare opportunity for the actor to show off his skills. He played the part of a jaded actor in the acclaimed film, but his performance was more impressive than his screen time. It’s also a great chance to prove that he’s still relevant. While he’s no longer the sexiest man in Hollywood, his charisma and wit haven’t diminished. Indeed, in a recent interview with Marie Claire U.K., the actress praised the actor for his contributions to the movies, joking that her husband “never had to try.”

Of course, the most important role a celebrity plays is as a parent, and the best way for a star to get kids involved with their career is to involve them in what they’re doing. That’s why John’s kids, Benjamin and Ella, are in on the action. When he’s not filming, he enjoys golfing and riding motorcycles, but he still makes time to do the family thing.

Despite his busy schedule, he’s been known to show up in the most unexpected places, like a fancy London restaurant. Interestingly, he and the wife of a high-profile director were spotted at the locale a day before the festivities began. They looked suitably posh, as well. Elizabeth Olsen, for her part, wore an ivory Alexander McQueen gown trimmed with keyhole detailing. A matching white v-neck and Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “MCA” sneakers completed the ensemble.

John Travolta has a storied career spanning more than three decades. His best known performances include the Danny Zuko role in Grease and his star turn as Hank Williams in Creed II. He’s also known for his work in the TV shows Twins and Jerry Maguire, as well as his starring role in the movie ‘Ring.’ As of the writing of this article, he’s averaging more than eight hours of sleep per night, which is no small feat considering that he is often on the road.

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