John Steffes

John Steffes

John Steffes is a professor and faculty investigator at the Advanced Research and Diagnostics Laboratory (ARDL), which offers central laboratory testing services for large, NIH-funded multicenter clinical trials and studies.

He is an expert in diabetes mellitus, endocrinology and cardiovascular disease epidemiology. Additionally, he serves as principal investigator for ARDL’s CBL which conducts the Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (EDIC) study.

Early Life and Education

John Steffes was born on July 25, 1870 in Northern Michigan to Jacob and Mary Catherine Wagner Steffes, both German immigrants.

At the age of twenty-one, he immigrated to America and settled in Michigan with his father Jacob Steffes who was employed in mining.

In 1907, he formed a partnership with his brothers in the mercantile business and shortly after added insurance to his holdings.

He married Mary Kempf in September of 1959 and together they celebrated 62 years of marriage and love. Faith, family and farming were his greatest loves; music especially on the piano was another passion of his. Survived by his wife and daughter, as well as many friends and neighbors, a Memorial Service will be held at a later date to commemorate his life.

Professional Career

John Steffes was a highly decorated football player who spent nine years with the Baltimore Colts, New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals. Additionally, he held various positions with Shinners Publications and demonstrated great entrepreneurialism.

He was renowned for his keen sense of detail and knack for finding the best deals. A marketing expert, John had a knack for connecting people and believed in giving back to the community. A volunteer and mentor, John made many friends along the way. John was proud of his 38 years sobriety, while cherishing every minute with Mary Ann – his beloved spouse. John will be missed by family and friends alike, but what truly defines John is that he was an incredibly kind, caring individual – soon reunited with them all in heaven!

Achievements and Honors

Steffes’ career included stops in several countries. His most noteworthy feat was serving as medical director for a large hospital system in southern Georgia, where he had responsibility for more than 18,000 patients daily and an incredible 24,000 during off hours. Furthermore, he helped secure over $70 million in federal and private funding for local hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. Throughout this time, Steffes earned a reputation for his unwavering commitment to delivering world class health care at affordable prices.

Personal Life

John was a kind and loyal man, always there for his family. He took pride in his 38 years of sobriety, and believed in community service as well as mentoring those struggling with addiction through local and regional support programs.

He was renowned for his travel adventures, often taking his four children on trips across America with Mary Ann by his side. Traveling opened up his heart to people from all backgrounds and allowed him to share his enthusiasm for exploration with them.

He is survived by his loving wife of 57 years, Joan McCabe Steffes; daughter Sue Ortman; son John (Sue) Steffes; and four adoring granddaughters. Predeceased by his parents Roy and Vivian Steffes; sister Carol; and brother Bob, he leaves behind a legacy of love to those he leaves behind.

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