John Stansfield

John Stansfield

John Stansfield, a native of New Hampshire and aviation forecaster with the Federal Aviation Administration at Nashua’s Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU), served the flying community for over four decades.

He was an accomplished storyteller, recreating the life of Enos Mills and other national park pioneers. Additionally, he shared tales about American lore and world folklore.

Early Life and Education

John Heber Stansfield was an accomplished landscape and portrait painter renowned for his mastery of his craft. He led an energetic life and showed great love towards his family members, earning him his admiration and respect in the process.

His career with the National Weather Service allowed him to combine his love of art and expertise in meteorology, helping people comprehend weather patterns and their effects on lives. He took great joy in imparting this knowledge to his students as well as many friends and family members.

He was an accomplished storyteller and actor, performing stories in numerous venues such as the Rocky Mountain Storytelling Festival. His favorite programs focus on western history and environment, literature read aloud, and American folklore.

Professional Career

John Stansfield is an experienced storyteller and outdoor adventurer, specializing in telling tales from the 19th century in first person. He often dresses like his character and speaks with a native accent when telling these tales.

He recently portrayed Enos Mills, the man responsible for creating Rocky Mountain National Park. On Thursday evening, he will present a one-man performance recounting key moments from Mills’ life.

At Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, a presentation will be given as part of their Chautauqua series that highlights local land and heritage.

John Stansfield has been a professional storyteller since 1979 and specializes in telling tales from the 19th century. A charismatic speaker, John believes that storytelling is an instinctive activity for humans. Those attending his presentation are encouraged to ask questions.

Achievements and Honors

John Stansfield is an acclaimed storyteller who has performed for more than one million listeners in various settings. His programs aim to introduce audiences to the American West, its history, literature and world folklore.

He has reenacted the stories of several important figures from Colorado history. For instance, he portrayed Enos Mills for the Now You Know series and wrote a book about him entitled “Enos Mills: Rocky Mountain Naturalist.”

Stansfield played a pivotal role in organizing Live Aid in 1985, which attracted over one billion listeners worldwide. He also organized tours for Tina Turner and Elton John among others, and has collaborated extensively with Neil Diamond over the years. For his efforts, Stansfield has received multiple awards and is an active member of the Neil Diamond Foundation today.

Personal Life

John Stansfield is an acclaimed musician who has received many accolades. Additionally, he is an award-winning weather forecaster who served in the United States Air Force.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in meteorology from the University of New Hampshire. In 1972, he joined the Air Force and served as a weather officer at Thule Air Base, Greenland.

After leaving the service, he returned to New Hampshire and founded a weather forecasting company with his business partner Bill Hovey. Together they provided weather predictions for several radio stations throughout New Hampshire.

Stansfield’s debut album, Affection, was released in 1989 and featured her hit single “All Around the World.” It quickly went on to become a best-selling success and earned her numerous awards and honors. Since then she has released seven additional studio albums.

Net Worth

John Stansfield is an English singer with a net worth of $15 million. Her success in music has earned her this fortune; her albums have sold over 20 million copies around the world.

She began her professional music career as a singer-songwriter and actress in the 1980s. After winning Search for a Star in 1980 and making several television appearances, she formed the band Blue Zone with Ian Devaney and Andy Morris in 1986.

In 1989, Stansfield released her debut solo album Affection. She co-wrote all the songs on the record which received glowing reviews from music critics.

In 1990, she embarked on a tour of Europe and the United States in support of her album. To promote it, she released the home video Live! All Around the World. Additionally, several singles from the album were released: “All Woman,” “Time to Make You Mine,” and “Set Your Loving Free.”

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