John Sibert

John Sibert

John Sibert is a renowned American lawyer best known for his involvement with the University of Texas system.

He is an active participant in the Malibu community and sets an exemplary example for how public officials should conduct themselves.

His priorities include public safety and improving water quality in Malibu. Furthermore, limiting population growth will help preserve its quaint charm.

Early Life and Education

John Sibert was born in South Carolina to David Sibert and Martha (Unknown) Sibert.

He was a respected Methodist preacher and owner of several slaves. He lived in an expansive home, enjoying great popularity amongst his community members.

His wife was a devout Christian who actively participated in both church and social activities within her community. She was widely-liked, making her many friends sad to lose such an attractive and popular person.

He was an acclaimed steel player during the early days of the instrument, before most other players used knee levers to manipulate their sound. Additionally, he recorded with many legends in country music such as Ray Price, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams; plus he appeared on early studio recordings from Johnnie & Jack and Lefty Frizzell among others.

Professional Career

Sibert has an impressive range of professional experiences that reaches across multiple fields. He was a professor/administrator at Yale and Cal Tech, the executive director of a science foundation in Alaska, as well as serving as research manager for ARCO.

He served on the National Coastal Research Institute, League of California Cities Water Task Force and committee that established Marine Protected Areas in Alaska. Popularly known as “Science Guy,” his expertise on water issues is an asset to Malibu City Hall – particularly since water quality remains one of their top concerns.

Sibert has been an active community member and Malibu native since 1983. As a board member of the Malibu Township Council (MTC), he helped block Los Angeles County’s plan to build gravity sewer lines down Pacific Coast Highway in the 1980s.

Achievements and Honors

John Sibert’s professional career has spanned many facets of science. He has held leadership positions at Yale University, California Institute of Technology and California State Universities as well as serving in a number of leadership capacities within the private sector.

Sibert, a renowned chemist, has earned numerous accolades for his achievements and contributions to science. In 2015 he was recognized by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation with their prestigious Piper Professor award – established in 1958 to recognize outstanding college professors throughout Texas.

He is a well-known expert in technology commercialization, having served on the boards of directors for numerous public and private companies as well as government organizations related to energy, environment and biotechnology. Additionally, he provides consulting services to various agencies and groups working in these fields.

Personal Life

He was a prominent member of Malibu’s citizen committee which successfully opposed an expansive sewer system for the beach community. Now he’s moving to Anchorage where he will serve as the inaugural executive director of the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.

He began his professional career as a chemist and earned his doctorate from Caltech. For six years, he served on the Malibu City Council – three as mayor and five more as planning commissioner.

Sibert served in the United States Army as a major general during World War I. From May 1918 to February 1920, he headed the Chemical Warfare Service and oversaw projects such as modernizing docks and waterways in Mobile, Alabama, while also advising Congress on the construction of Hoover Dam.

Net Worth

John Sibert was a farmer, owner of slaves, and Methodist preacher in his community. On July 16th 1873 he passed away and is interred alongside his wife in Duck Springs Cemetery near Gadsden, Alabama along with many others.

His children were William Joshua Sibert, Martha Sibert and Henry Sibert. They lived in St. Clair County, Alabama during the 1860s. At that time they owned real estate worth $2,000 as well as personal possessions worth $1,000.

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