John Shukie

John Shukie

John Shukie is a renowned sports industry leader and co-founder of Forward Progress Athletic Consulting. He specializes in offering academic and compliance-related programs to enhance student athletes’ higher education experiences.

John was previously the Director of Academic and Membership Affairs (AMA) at the NCAA national office, where he managed a variety of academic and compliance-related programs. Additionally, John served as liaison to the DI Committee on Academic Performance.

Early Life and Education

John Shukie had an aptitude for math from an early age, as evidenced by his multiple college degrees. Additionally, his knack for making the most out of scarce resources earned him respect among peers. One notable accomplishment was cofounding the Student Assistance Team–an innovative device designed to aid students facing academic difficulties during college. Other noteworthy projects include founding Service for Others Club–a student organization raising money for charitable causes–and conducting extensive teacher evaluations–all worthy accomplishments in his mind.

In the classroom, he found a special place teaching preservice teachers about education. His courses ranged from curriculum and instruction to educational technology and design – with research encompassing popular culture as well as current trends in pedagogy and best practice from higher education institutions – all of which were integrated into course material for an invaluable benefit to his students.

Professional Career

John founded Forward Progress Athletic Consulting, a firm that offers clients proven academic and compliance programs to maximize student athletes’ higher education experience. Prior to this role, he served as Director of Academics and Membership Affairs (AMA) at the NCAA national office, overseeing various academic and compliance-related initiatives.

He has extensive expertise on NCAA academic processes, such as the Academic Progress Rate (APR), Graduation Success Rate (GSR), and other policy benchmarks. Having worked with dozens of Division I institutions, he is considered an authority on these matters. Furthermore, he’s currently helping schools prepare for the NCAA Academic Based Revenue Distribution Initiative; providing advice on how to maximize this monetary incentive while avoiding penalties from the NCAA.

Personal Life

John Shukie is an individual with many interests and talents. His background in athletics has earned him the position of President of Forward Progress Athletic Consulting, which assists colleges with core NCAA academic processes like APR and GSR. Furthermore, John helps schools comprehend the new NCAA Academic Based Revenue Distribution Initiative (ABRDI), which offers financial rewards to institutions that help student-athletes meet certain academic benchmarks.

He is the proud father of three daughters and resides in Castle Rock, Colorado. As an active member in his community, he serves on the Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee as well as being part of both Special Olympics Colorado’s Board of Directors and Metropolitan State University of Denver Sport Industry Operations Department Advisory Board.

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