John Salkowski

John Salkowski

John Salkowski is an acclaimed real estate agent, author and entrepreneur. He founded and owns The JRS Realty Group in suburban Philadelphia.

He is a published author and public speaker on leadership topics, as well as a mentor to executives and business people on improving their professional performance.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Salkowski is the founder, president and broker owner of The JRS Realty Group in suburban Philadelphia. He has earned recognition among the top 1% of Realtors nationwide and been highlighted in Philadelphia Magazine for client satisfaction and customer service excellence.

John has lived in King of Prussia his whole life and began his real estate career after 15 years as a police officer. He wanted a profession that gave him more control over his daily tasks.

Achievements and Honors

John Salkowski is a well-known Pennsylvania entrepreneur and leadership mentor. He has delivered speeches in colleges, front of youth groups, sports organizations, as well as businesses.

He has a passion for inspiring people to lead with decisiveness and achieve success in their lives. His motivational dialogues include anecdotes drawn from real-life experience, audience interaction, and takeaways that positively affect those listening.

Salkowski was raised in a difficult household, an experience which taught him the value of common sense and perseverance when facing hardship. As such, he uses this insight to prevent others from making similar errors.

Personal Life

John Salkowski is an inspiring individual who deeply cares about his family and community. His mission in life is to leave those he touches better off than he found them – this passion fuels him every day.

As a former police officer, Salkowski acquired invaluable leadership lessons during his time on the job. These insights enable him to make quick decisions and address problems that arise in his business ventures.

He is a highly sought-after Leadership and Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Coach who has delighted audiences across America. In addition to his speaking engagements, he has written several books on leadership success and is currently working on another one.

Net Worth

John Salkowski boasts a net worth of $1 million dollars. As an accomplished real estate entrepreneur, Salkowski has built his empire from scratch.

He believes that success comes through hard work and extensive education. He takes great pride in having built his business debt free over the years.

His primary motivation is to leave those he touches better than he found them. With a passion for encouraging others, he strives to assist them in reaching their objectives – whatever those may be.

After 15 years as a Police Officer, Salkowski decided to pursue his real estate dream in 2006. Now running The JRS Realty Group, he has never looked back since; enjoying expanding his team and giving back to his community.

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