John Salemi

John Salemi – Toms River Real Estate Associate

John Salemi is an accomplished Real Estate Associate who upholds the values of hard work, integrity and service. As a proud member of Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty, John is dedicated to helping his clients in Toms River reach their real estate objectives.

Salemi began his career in the automotive industry, but soon got into drag racing. Along with his brother Jim, he co-founded Resolution Racing Services and G-Force Race Cars; additionally, he co-founded MSR Performance with Mike Stawicki.

Early Life and Education

John Salemi is an esteemed scholar with a vast expertise in history. He specializes in Old English, medieval and Renaissance literature as well as Classics.

He has extensive expertise in biblical studies and languages. He has held research posts at esteemed institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Oxford.

He has authored a number of highly praised papers and been celebrated by the media for his work. Additionally, he serves as Chair of the Surveillance Guidelines and Standards Committee for the National Birth Defects Prevention Network.

Professional Career

John Salemi has made his passion of supercharging cars into a professional career, particularly in drag racing. He’s collaborated with several prestigious teams such as G-Force Race Cars and MSR Performance.

He is an accomplished musician, best known for his hardcore rock band Snapcase. Since 1993 they have been on tour across America and occasionally to Australia or Japan.

Salemi is an experienced tax and management consultant, drawing on his practical financial background to tackle the complex challenges facing business owners in today’s volatile economic and regulatory climate. In addition to providing advice on tax minimization strategies and compliance, he also creates customized management financial reporting for privately held companies. Based in Toms River, New Jersey, Salemi serves clients throughout the region with his services.

Personal Life

Salemi was an inspiring man who dedicated his life to his family and community. A true team player, he understood the importance of real estate investments and took great pride in offering outstanding service to his clients.

Salemi was an outsider artist who produced hundreds of paintings and prints during his time in Waterville, Maine. His works display a distinct and developed style, drawing inspiration from local landscapes, wildlife as well as traditional Japanese and Hindu iconography.

Salemi is an accomplished professional as well as a poet. He has published three collections of poetry: Formal Complaints, Nonsense Couplets and Masquerade. Furthermore, Salemi was a regular contributor and book reviewer for Expansive Poetry On-Line website.

Net Worth

John Salemi has extensive experience as a real estate agent in Toms River, New Jersey and enjoys helping families realize their home ownership aspirations. With over 35 years of expertise, his passion for helping others achieve success shines through in every interaction they have with him. When working with John, you’ll enjoy exceptional customer service and support that goes above and beyond expectations. Furthermore, John believes it is essential to create an encouraging atmosphere for clients–particularly those facing challenging circumstances–to feel safe and at ease.

Salemi has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand dollars. While the exact figure remains unknown, we know it has been accumulated through her career as a model and actress. Salemi enjoys keeping her personal life out of the spotlight and is very private about it.

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