John Sakhleh

John Sakhleh – Regulatory and Transactional Adviser to Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

John provides regulatory, enforcement, compliance and transactional counsel to a range of financial services firms such as broker-dealers, investment advisers and private/hedge funds. He has extensive experience defending clients in investigations involving securities fraud, investment adviser misconduct and broker-dealer violations. Furthermore, John frequently advises on regulatory issues arising out of mergers and acquisitions involving broker-dealers, investment advisers and FinTech trading platforms.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood (birth to age five) are critical years in a child’s development; these form the basis for social skills, self-worth and perception of the world. Their brains grow faster at this age than any other so it is one of the most critical windows for brain growth.

Children during these early years are solely dependent on their parents and primary caregivers for survival. But in order for them to develop optimally, they require active stimulation and socialization with others.

In the United States, Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) refer to a range of part-day, full-day and work-day programs funded and delivered in various ways by public and private sectors. Historically these initiatives have existed separately without being well integrated.

Professional Career

John has been at the intersection of financial services regulation and transactional law for two decades. He has advised on some of the largest and most complex megadeals, as well as numerous smaller ones, with expertise spanning equity, derivatives, futures and options. John’s client service approach has always been founded upon sound strategy, a good sense of humor and an appreciation for beauty in everyday things – providing clients with a memorable blend of both.

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