John Pickle

John Pickle

John Pickle has been providing a musical therapy service for nursing homes, health care and adult day care facilities as well as private parties and other special functions all around Toledo and surrounding areas for many years.

He is an established talent on symphonic concert and recital stages throughout the country. Recent concert engagements included Kodaly’s Te Deum with Oregon Music Festival, Eugene Suchon’s Psalm of the Carpathian Land with Sonomento and the Kenwood Symphony, the tenor solo in Verdi’s Requiem with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Opera Grand Rapids, Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, and at Carnegie Hall; Beethoven’s Symphony No. 8; Handel’s Messiah at Avery Fisher Hall and with Greater Trenton Choral Society; and the tenor solo in a Night of Verdi Hits concert with the Santa Barbara Symphony.

Early Life and Education

John Pickle was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on 2 July 1943. He grew up in the Loretto School, an independent boys’ school in Musselburgh.

After completing his secondary education, he attended the University of St Andrews. He later joined Aberdeen Journals as a trainee journalist and subsequently became the paper’s television reviewer and news producer.

He also worked as a producer for BBC Radio Durham and was one of seven producers (Programme Organiser/news producer) at the newly launched BBC Radio Carlisle.

When he started his own company in 1972, he had little more than a few thousand dollars and did well. It wasn’t until the 1990s, however, that he began to face stiff competition from foreign companies who were stealing a lot of his potential customers.

Professional Career

John Pickle is an established talent on the symphonic concert and recital stages. He has appeared at Carnegie Hall and symphonies across the country.

The tenor’s recent engagements include the title role in Der fliegende Hollander with Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Hawaii Opera Theatre, and Mobile Opera. He has also sung Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly and Don Jose in Carmen with Pacific Symphony, Florida Grand Opera, Cleveland Opera Theater, and Dayton Opera.

Professor Pickle is an economist and geographer trained in political economy and development studies, cultural and social theory, and continental philosophy. His research focuses on global production networks, European economic and social spaces, particularly post-socialist transformations in Central Europe and Euro-Med Neighborhood Policies in Southern Europe.

Achievements and Honors

A Texan by birth, John Pickle was a savvy politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives. He played a key role in passing major Social Security reform legislation to save the system from the brink of collapse.

In addition to his political achievements, he was also an accomplished musician. He performed a number of music therapy programs for nursing homes, health care and adult day care facilities as well as clubs, wineries and private parties all around Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

A tenor by trade, his most impressive accomplishment was his portrayal of Erik in Der Fliegende Hollander. The awe-inspiring performance reportedly made the cover of National Geographic Magazine. Other noteworthy performances include Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly, Don Jose in Carmen and Mozart’s symphony no. 7.

Personal Life

John Pickle is an entertainer who performs more than 250 gigs a year. He charms audiences with his energy level, sense of humor and lots of audience participation.

He has been working with nursing homes, health care facilities, adult day cares and clubs all over Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for many years. He has a great reputation as an entertainer and his popularity continues to grow.

He also has a good deal of experience in the world of politics. He was a United States Representative from the 10th congressional district in Texas from 1963 to 1995.

Net Worth

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