John Mutch

John Mutch

John Mutch is the founder and CEO of MV Advisors, a strategic block investment firm that offers focused investment and advisory services to small- and mid-cap technology companies.

Mr. Mutch was previously president, chief executive officer and director of Peregrine Systems, a provider of enterprise asset and service management solutions that he led through bankruptcy work-out proceedings before successfully restructurating.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are vitally important, as they help them develop essential social skills, self-worth and an understanding of the world. Furthermore, these form the basis for cognitive growth later on in life.

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Professional Career

Mutch has dedicated his career to cultivating talent. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of equestrian history and the many equine masters who shaped him, Mutch produces high-quality horses and riders.

His program emphasizes flatwork, an essential element of any competitive hunter rider’s training regimen. He draws upon his experiences with the United States Equestrian Team to instruct novice and amateur riders alike.

He has also built a business in the software industry called BeyondTrust that provides privilege identity management solutions. At its core, their technology uses security software that restricts who can access information and data on computer servers within an organization.

Achievements and Honors

John Mutch is an esteemed pioneer and mentor in gynecologic oncology. With more than 430 publications to his credit, John sits on numerous national leadership committees.

His dedication to women’s health has earned him numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. Recently, The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital presented him with the President’s Achievement Award – which recognizes those who uphold hospital mission while expanding medical knowledge and providing world-class patient care.

John has an impressive medical career and also serves on the boards of directors for multiple technology companies. He founded and manages MV Advisors LLC, a strategic block investment firm that offers focused investment advice to small- and mid-cap technology businesses.

Personal Life

John Mutch is an entrepreneur who has built his own business. John Mutch Electrical Services, which he began in 2005 and now employs 25 people, is his mobile locksmith service.

His family is of the utmost importance to him and he loves spending time with his children, particularly his grandchildren. Furthermore, he is very kind and enjoys giving gifts as presents.

He is the founder and managing partner of MV Advisors LLC, which offers focused investment and strategic guidance to private technology companies. Additionally, Mr. Mutch serves on the boards of RhythmOne Plc, Maxwell Technologies and Aviat Networks. Prior to founding MV Advisors, Mr. Mutch was appointed by the United States Bankruptcy court to Peregrine Systems – a provider of enterprise asset and service management solutions – where he assisted with their bankruptcy work-out proceeding before being named President and Chief Executive Officer in July 2003.

Net Worth

John Mutch is the founder and managing partner of MV Advisors LLC (formerly known as MV Capital), a strategic block investment firm that offers focused investment advice to small and mid-cap technology companies. He serves on the boards of Aviat Networks – a global provider of microwave networking solutions – and Maxwell Technologies – an energy storage and power delivery solutions provider.

He has over three decades of operating and investing experience in the technology sector with a demonstrated record of creating shareholder value. His expertise ranges from restructuring, financial management and strategy, capital markets, sales management, marketing – he’s completed over 30 acquisitions for technology companies that created $4 billion dollars worth of shareholder value. Prior to this role he served as president and CEO at Peregrine Systems and HNC Software.

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