John Moletress

A Review of John Moletress

When you hear the name John Molester, you may think of the television star who played John Connor in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll probably be interested in finding out more about his professional life and personal background. Here, you’ll learn about his early life, educational achievements, and honors. You’ll also discover information about his net worth, and his career.

Early Life and Education

If you love the arts, you’ve probably seen Moletress’ performance art. He’s an interdisciplinary artist and writer, and his work is rooted in the queer movement and performance. The multi-disciplinary artist works in dance, theater, and photography. His most recent work, “Wendell,” is a performance-dance hybrid that follows two lovers separated by war.

For “Wendell,” John Moletress re-envisioned Georg Buchner’s “Woyzeck” – a re-telling of the 1837 drama – through a contemporary lens. Instead of presenting the story in a linear, narrative format, Moletress creates a play that follows an out-of-order chronology. In the process, the play mimics the unfinished structure of “Woyzeck,” and the characters inhabit classic roles.

While studying at the George Washington University, Moletress began to teach dance. After gaining an MFA in dance, he moved into Somatic Psychotherapy, an approach that emphasizes the body, mind, and spirit in therapy.

Professional Career

John Moletress is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer. His primary focus is on the architecture of contemporary life, and the art of colliding cerebral and visceral in performance. In this review of his oeuvre we will take a look at some of his more noteworthy works.

The most notable of his achievements is directing the award-winning Pulitzer Prize-winning “Our Town” at the Kennedy Center. This play about love and loss in the early 1900s made the list of the best plays of the century. Likewise, he has garnered many other awards and recognitions along the way, including the aforementioned accolades for his work at the Kennedy Center and Stages Repertory Theatre. Currently, he is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers and a Founding Director of the new Pittsburgh theater company force/collision.

Achievements and Honors

John Moletress has a lot to offer the theater world, and it’s not just his work. For starters, he’s a multi-disciplinary artist who has done it all. Having worked as an actor, director, stage manager and educator, Moletress has seen his fair share of productions. He’s most recently been a member of the Founding Director team at force/collision, a DC based interdisciplinary performance ensemble.

Moletress’s latest offering, Woyzeck, is a modern take on Georg Buchner’s 18th century masterpiece. It’s set in the suburbs, and follows a soldier stationed in a small town in Germany. While the play focuses on the military, the audience is encouraged to imagine the soldier as a member of a suburban family. Although the production is not flawless, it’s a worthwhile look at one of the better works of classical drama.

Personal Life

If you are looking for an artist that merges performance and visual art, then you should check out John Moletress. This Philadelphia based performer explores the human condition. His work is rooted in ritual and earth-based practice. He collaborates with artists of diverse backgrounds, blending music, performance, and visual art.

His latest piece, Jarman (all this maddening beauty), will be premiering in Washington, D.C. on April 20th and will be televised live by HowlRound TV. The show will tour nationally in the summer/fall.

In addition to his own artistic projects, he is also the director of the interdisciplinary performance ensemble force/collision. They have made a name for themselves with their acclaimed 2011 production Collapsing Silence. Force/collision collaborates with artists of varying disciplines, including Rebecca Rebollar, a choreographer, and Paul Daniel Lawson, a musician.

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