John Mensinger

John Mensinger

John Mensinger is an American actor and filmmaker. His career includes numerous television, motion picture and documentary credits, and he has received many awards and honors for his work. He lives in New York City, where he teaches at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Early Life and Education

The son of Daniel Mensinger and Susannah Mensinger, John P. Mensinger was born in 1867. He served in the US Marine Corps for three years, then returned to college to complete his degree. After graduating, he entered field merchandising. In his career, he performed with Douglas Dunn and Dancers, and the American Dance Machine.

In addition to his work in the US Marine Corps, John Mensinger also served in the 1st Maintenance Battalion. As a member of this unit, he had the opportunity to work with HAWK missiles. His basic training taught him to be prepared, but also to be flexible in case something went wrong.

After his service in the US Marine Corps, John Mensinger returned to his hometown of Berrien Springs. In his free time, he enjoyed skating, inline skating, and skateboarding. Also, he loved music and art in many forms. For the past forty years, Camp John Mensinger has provided wilderness experiences for thousands of scouts. Located in the Stanislaus River drainage, the camp is owned by the Boy Scouts of America.

Professional Career

John Mensinger is a third-generation owner of the American Lumber Company and the past-president of the Rotary Club of Modesto. He’s also the man on the hill for the Modesto Irrigation District, which supplies water to 200,000 Central Valley residents. His duties include topographic compilation and aerial photogrammetry, among other things. Besides being a pillar of the community, he’s a philanthropist and has lent a hand to a number of worthy causes. Aside from his professional credentials, Mensinger is a family man. He has two daughters, two wives, and five dogs.

The most recent chapter of his storied career was a little less exciting. Earlier this year, Mensinger was in the news for allegedly leaking secret information to the DA’s office. While there was nothing illegal about this, the DA’s lawyers said they didn’t think it was the right call.

Achievements and Honors

John Mensinger’s name is emblazoned on thousands of college campuses nationwide, but the name is less than a dime a dozen in the real world. As the longest serving professor in the university’s history, his name is synonymous with excellence. In fact, Mensinger’s list of accolades may well be the most impressive list of honors ever awarded to a UMD faculty member. A well-rounded, tenured, and highly engaging educator, Mensinger is a true scholar. Indeed, he deserves a glass of champagne in the company of the eminent professors of his caliber. Among his numerous awards, the aforementioned alumnus is a clear winner in the departmental AHA competition. One might also mention he is also the man responsible for launching a program designed to combat the specter of a looming senior class crisis.

Personal Life

Michael Mensinger was born in Pasco, Washington on June 11, 1963. He played for Colfax’s 1981 Washington State Class A Championship Football team. Before his death, he had been working for NPC Robotics. The company was a small but growing firm.

His family lived in Kennewick, Washington before he and his family moved to Mound, Minnesota. After his death, he is survived by his wife, Jeannie; daughter, Rachel; grandson, Nathan; granddaughter, Emily Miles; and many extended relatives.

Michael Mensinger died on March 10, 2016 in Mound, MN. He died after a sudden complication with multiple myeloma. In addition to his family, his extended relatives include his friends Ken Sweeney and John David.

Michael was the youngest of five children. His parents were Lloyd and Catherine Mensinger. During the early 1950s, the Mensinger family lived in Tomhicken, PA. When he was 22 years old, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. During his three years in the Marines, he served in the 1st Maintenance Battalion. Afterward, he went back to college.

Net Worth

Aside from the aforementioned band, he has had the pleasure of working with several notable names including Ray Gillen and Lita Ford. Despite the numerous accolades, he has managed to keep his ego in check. Not to mention he has been a devoted student of the aforementioned and other musical gurus in the making for years. In addition to his burgeoning musical endeavors, he has also managed to find time to squeeze in his fair share of personal activities. One of the many notable feats of his has been his philanthropy. This is akin to his time management skills, with his most recent engagements dating back to when he was a youngster. His plethora of interests has been a boon to his family as well.

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