John McCarroll

John McCarroll, Senior Project Manager at Plante Moran Cresa

John McCarroll has been a leader in the African American community in Charlotte, North Carolina. He grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhood and began his career working at Grier Funeral Services.

He talks about the different businesses, schools, and churches that were located in Brooklyn and other black neighborhoods in Charlotte during the 1960s. He also discusses the impact of Urban Renewal on the entire black community in Charlotte.

Early Life and Education

John McCarroll was a sharecropper’s son who became the first person in his family to attend college. He was also a well-known athlete in his community, receiving honors for his achievements.

He was a member of the band Oasis, serving as their drummer from 1991 until his dismissal in 1995. He played the drums on their debut album Definitely Maybe and their first number-one single, “Some Might Say.”

His life was dedicated to helping others. He served as the director of the Phillis Wheatley Center for three decades, helping to make it a vital part of the local community.

He was recently credited with having made the town of Toledo more welcoming to people from all walks of life. A street that runs in front of the center was renamed John McCarroll Way.

Professional Career

As a senior project manager with Plante Moran Cresa, John has extensive experience on healthcare, institutional and government projects. His expertise includes managing all aspects of the construction process, including budgeting and cost controls, estimating, scheduling, contract administration (on owner and subcontractor levels) and forecasting cash flow to ensure project success.

Having worked in the industry for over 21 years, John is well versed in construction management, and takes pride in helping to create exceptional facilities that provide long-term benefits to the community. He has a particular interest in acute care facilities and enjoys assisting with projects that will help to enhance the lives of those who use them.

Achievements and Honors

John McCarroll was a well known and admired figure in the Shepparton community. He started his career as a diesel mechanic and later became a manager of Hartwigs in Shepparton.

Throughout his professional career, he has received numerous awards and honors for his work. He has also been a member of several distinguished organizations and societies, such as the National Society of Automotive Engineers.

He has been involved in a variety of projects, including the development of an innovative medical technology that helps patients with chronic kidney disease. He has also authored several books and articles on his research. His best-known projects are his work on dendrochronology, climatology and isotopes of carbon.

Personal Life

john mccarroll was a longtime member of the African American community in Charlotte, North Carolina. He worked at Grier Funeral Services since 1936.

McCarroll was also a longtime leader of the Phillis Wheatley Center. His efforts helped to make the center a true community organization serving tens of thousands of people in Charlotte each year.

A street in front of the center is now named John McCarroll Way. It is a fitting tribute to this man who made an enormous impact on the community.

Net Worth

John McCarroll is a well-known figure in the Shepparton transport industry. He started out as a diesel mechanic and worked his way up to become a branch manager for Hartwigs in Shepparton. He had a long relationship with Freightliner, working on its first model sold in Australia and recently played a key role in the Australian Freightliner Cascadia test program.

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific president Daniel Whitehead says Mr McCarroll was a true icon of the industry. He was a caring person, who looked after his customers and kept them on the road. He was a huge asset to the Shepparton transport community and his loss is a great one. The local trucking industry held a drive-by tribute to him last month.

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