John Machurek

John Machurek – A Libertarian Running For Idaho Attorney General

John Machurek is running as a Libertarian in the State Attorney General’s race. He faces off against Democrats Matt Denn and Ted Kittila as well as Green Party candidate Catherine Damavandi. His platform includes decreasing violent crime through partnerships with law enforcement and aggressive prosecution – while also taking politics out of the attorney general’s office.

Personal Life

John Machurek’s personal life has been driven by the same enthusiasm for football that initially attracted him to Idaho State. His devotion has earned him a reputation as an “all-in” type of person, from choosing Idaho State over Washington State to generously contributing to Leslie and John’s scholarship endowment fund – helping shape the culture at ISU for years to come.

She is survived by her baby sister Susan Mallow, brother Michael Mallow, children Diane Machurek, John Machurek, Adam Olin and Kenny Schotterer; grandson Malachi Machurek; nieces Maria Verucci and Lynne; sister-in-law Beth Geller and daughter-in-law Nicole Shaw; as well as many friends and loved ones. Please leave a condolence message in the guestbook below for the family.

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