John Lundell

John Lundell

John Lundell is a well-known figure in Coralville. He served as mayor for eight years and has served on the city council for 10 years.

His tenure as mayor has been filled with both triumphs and trials. Unfortunately, he also experienced heartbreaking moments such as the Mall of America tragedy.

Early Life and Education

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John Lundell and his wife Diana served on the Coralville City Council for many years, always showing their support of their community. Additionally, they’ve contributed to various projects and events during their tenure together.

Professional Career

John Lundell has dedicated his career to serving the people of Coralville. He has guided the city through many significant achievements, such as Xtream Arena, a significant overhaul of their transportation system and an expanding commercial development sector.

He is an accomplished lawyer who has represented both companies and individuals in matters related to Aboriginal, environmental, and natural resources law. He provides advice to both private sector clients as well as public sector clients on these topics and often speaks at conferences, seminars, and industry association gatherings.

His professional achievements include serving as mayor of Coralville for eight years. At the end of December, he will retire from that role. Throughout his time in office, he has dedicated himself to making the city more inclusive, affordable and welcoming for everyone.

Achievements and Honors

Lundell’s accomplishments in the public sector have earned him many accolades, including being inducted into the Iowa League of Cities Hall of Fame. The organization recognized Lundell for his decades-long leadership as manager of Iowa City transit, volunteer service with Coralville fire department and appointments to city boards and commissions.

Four-term Mayor Lundell has made an impactful mark in Coralville by advocating for commercial development, expanding the University of Iowa Research Park, and opening Xtream Arena. His exemplary public service will remain a lasting tribute to those he served throughout his tenure as mayor.

Lundell has received heartfelt congratulations from former mayors, family members and friends since his election in 2013. Additionally, Vice President Joe Biden visited him during his first election campaign in 2013 to show his support.

Personal Life

Lundell served as city councilor and mayor of Coralville, overseeing much of its commercial and developmental growth. Additionally, he helped open Xtream Arena for sports enthusiasts in the community.

Lundell was among those who came together during the Arizona mall shooting to provide support to an 8-year-old girl’s family and friends. He says that being part of such a community’s response only made him appreciate his role as a leader even more deeply.

For 18 years, he served as mayor of this small city. Now, he plans to take a break from politics and focus on his family. He and Diana hope to travel more, as well as spend more time at their home on Spirit Lake in northwest Iowa.

Net Worth

John Lundell boasts a net worth of $175 million. He is an American businessman and conservative political activist.

He is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, which generates over $30 million annually. Additionally, he owns Frank, a video streaming site, as well as FrankSocial -a social networking platform.

Lindell has been an enthusiastic supporter of President Donald Trump, contributing to his campaigns. Additionally, he founded the Lindell Foundation that assists drug addicts in finding treatment and recovery.

He and his wife Diana currently reside in Coralville, Iowa with three children – Andrea (a lawyer) working as a lawyer in Dallas and Russell (a professional baseball player). Unfortunately, Gail Alyn Peters, Lundell’s mother, passed away on November 12th 2017 at 74 years of age.

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