John Kolomechuk

John Kolomechuk

John Kolomechuk is a 69 year old resident of Bronxville, New York who was born on January 1928 and has lived there ever since.

He was predeceased by his parents. Survived by sisters Mary Jean Howland (Wilder), Christine Moore (Chris), Doreen Kolomechuk (Norman Loehr); as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

John Kolomechuk was born in January 1928 into a family that valued education. He attended local high school and earned his diploma before working at various jobs throughout life. When not working, John enjoys reading, writing and volunteering as a volunteer firefighter. Married for over twenty-four years with four children under his belt, John owns residential property in the New York area where he resides with his wife Joanie.

At a young age, he began reading the Bible and discovered Jesus was both the Son of God and Light of the World. To better understand who Jesus truly was, he included elements from Genesis 1 into his gospel text – words and metaphors drawn from its very start to help readers grasp his identity.

Achievements and Honors

John Kolomechuk was a dedicated family man and an accomplished teacher. His dream was to teach history at the college level, which he achieved at Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate for 27 years. A well-known local historian and active member in his community, John will be greatly missed by family and friends. Throughout his life he received many honors and awards, including a distinguished fellowship from the University of Toronto. A proud Canadian who championed national and international reconciliation issues until his passing on September 18th 2014. It had been an honour to know him well.

Personal Life

John Kolomechuk is a retired engineer and long-time resident of Bronxville, New York. He’s an active member of both the New York City Engineering Society and Association of American Engineers, as well as being involved in construction projects for several residential homes. Estimates place his net worth between $35-49K. John was born to John and Maryrose Kolomechuk on January 28, 1928; married to Janet since 1988 with three children.

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