John Heymann

John Heymann Dies at 84

John Heyman, the legendary film producer and financier who founded both International Artists Agency and World Group Companies, passed away Friday in New York at 84 years of age.

As a financier, Heyman raised $4 billion to co-finance over 150 films and television programs. He is widely credited with pioneering “structured financing” in the film industry.

Early Life and Education

Heymann earned his law degree after studying philosophy and serving in the Air Force before entering law school. Throughout his career in Washington, he held several jobs including assistant attorney general during President Carter’s administration.

He published a series of biographies, such as Ezra Pound: The Last Rower (1976), that showcased his extensive research. However, it was his 1983 biography of Barbara Hutton entitled Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton that caused controversy.

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Professional Career

John Heymann wanted to make a positive impact in the world through public service. He believed that government could play an effective role in tackling some of the most pressing global challenges.

After graduating from Brown University, he pursued this interest further. He began to research politics and his father’s legacy, striving to craft a political identity of his own.

He also wanted to connect with the public in ways that made sense for him. This led to a number of projects that focused on political matters and America.

John has extensive legal experience and served as judge on the Kings County Housing Court, giving him a platform to serve his community. With more than 85 published legal decisions under his belt, he is considered an expert in housing law.

Achievements and Honors

Heyman was an accomplished film producer and financier who co-financed more than 150 projects. As a pioneer of foreign pre-sales, Heyman founded World Film Sales in 1961 – setting itself apart from other pre-sellers by offering comprehensive overseas distribution.

His films included Chinatown (1974), The Odessa File (1974), Marathon Man (1976) and Reds (1981). Additionally, he founded World Group Companies that packaged, financed and distributed more than 180 feature films that grossed $7 billion worldwide.

He was honored with the LaskerDeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for his work developing HPV vaccines. This award recognizes scientists, physicians and public servants who have made groundbreaking contributions to human disease understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Furthermore, he received two Service to America Medals from the American Association for Cancer Research.

Personal Life

John Heymann was an acclaimed author and biographer of prominent figures. His biographies of JFK, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe have become bestsellers with readers around the world.

He also wrote a biography of Barbara Hutton, an American nurse, but the publisher pulled it after a lawyer for the doctor threatened to sue.

Lyle Stuart republished the book in 1987, reprinting a number of fake books issued previously. The movie adaptation was also made-for-TV that same year.

Newsweek recently published an article by David Cay Johnston which revealed much of Heymann’s work to be fabrications. This discovery raises a troubling question: why does CBS keep selling and endorsing his books?

Net Worth

David Jonathan Heyman is a film producer born on July 26, 1961 in London, England. His father’s side of the family is of German-Jewish descent and he is renowned for acquiring the rights to Harry Potter and producing all eight installments.

As of July 2017, his net worth stands at $125 million, acquired through his career as a movie producer.

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