John Harrington

John Harrington, a Physician in Waco, Texas

In 1993, a 51-day standoff occurred in Waco, Texas between members of David Koresh’s Branch Davidian religious community and federal agents. This event has since been immortalized through books, movies, and TV shows alike.

Paramount Network’s new series “Waco” explores the psychological toll of events. Starring Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights as Koresh and Michael Shannon as FBI negotiator Gary Noesner, “Waco” examines this psychological impact.

Early Life and Education

John’s formative years were spent working and living on the family farm in Palo Pinto County. Raised by a mother who instilled work ethic into him and helped her with day-to-day farm tasks, John became an accomplished farmer himself.

His father worked as a farmer and later a businessman. His mother was a homemaker who provided for their older siblings.

As a young man, John was heavily involved with Boy Scouts. Through their program he made many lifelong friends and traveled around the world with them after participating in their World Jamboree in the Philippines as an Eagle Scout.

Education was a priority in their lives, with both John and Ruth striving for higher degrees. They enjoyed reading avidly, particularly the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Professional Career

John Deaver is a partner at Deaver and Deaver law firm, where he practices real estate, commercial litigation and general business law with his brother Kyle.

He serves as director of Pro-Life Waco, a local community-based organization dedicated to ending abortion and encouraging chastity. Married to Karina Lynette Jester Deaver, he has one daughter named Alexandra Lee Deaver who served as Cotton Palace Queen in 2014.

Caroline Golden earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science from Baylor University in 2017, followed by a Master’s in Social Work from the same institution. Since then she has worked for TTI – an educational nonprofit organization providing practical experiences to help young professionals develop into effective professionals.

Achievements and Honors

The Texas Collection houses documents and items related to John Harrington, a renowned physician in Waco. These papers include journals, academic notebooks, correspondence and notes that document his life.

He had a lasting legacy in Waco, both through his work as a doctor and numerous contributions to the community. The papers offer insight into this remarkable man’s life.

He was deeply committed to his profession and invested a great deal of time and energy into the wellbeing of his patients. Furthermore, he was active within the community, being widely known for his kind disposition.

Personal Life

John’s life was a testament to his devotion to God and the church. He was active in both his parish and community, serving as a mentor for youth. Additionally, John raised funds to construct a Catholic Student Center on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

He was an avid traveler and loved to explore new places with his wife Beth. Their interests included visiting Rome to immerse themselves in Italian culture and learning about art museums that enhanced their lives.

After graduating law school, John worked in the legal field for over 25 years until his retirement in 2000. He was renowned for his honesty, kindness and integrity; an adamant advocate for his clients and residents of Waco.

Net Worth

If you own a home or invest in real estate, your net worth is the value of all of your assets minus all debts. This includes items like credit cards, car loans and mortgages.

John owns a home valued at $300,000 and an investment portfolio worth $150,000.

Additionally, he owes $180,000 on his credit card balance. Overall, his net worth stands at $120,000 dollars.

He has achieved success through hard work and commitment to saving and investing. Additionally, he uses his platform as a successful entrepreneur to educate and motivate other aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

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