John Goodnow

John Goodnow – CEO of Fennemore & Fennemore

John Goodnow is the CEO of Fennemore & Fennemore, a law firm in Washington, DC. He has over two decades of experience at the firm and is a highly skilled leader.

During his career, he has held many leadership positions at the firm and was instrumental in the launch of many new firm programs and initiatives. He is also committed to listening carefully and always putting people first.

Early Life and Education

john goodnow was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 18, 1859. He received his undergraduate degree from Amherst College in 1879 and his law degree from Columbia University in 1882.

At Columbia, he taught administrative law, an academic discipline that was barely known in the United States at the time. In addition to his teaching duties, he was the first president of the American Political Science Association.

He advocated a radical transformation of America’s regime and its purpose; natural rights would be abandoned for historical rights, social coordination preferred over individual effort, and the politics of the courthouse and party clubhouse replaced by the administration of scientific government. This transformation was driven by the fact that human societies themselves are constantly changing, evolving, progressing.

Professional Career

Goodnow was a law professor at Columbia University, a principal founder of the American Political Science Association and president in 1904-05. He also taught administrative law and served as an advisor to President Taft on redrafting New York City’s charter.

In 1914, he became president of Johns Hopkins University, increasing enrollment and assets fourfold. He also founded the International Studies Institute and the School of Law.

He was one of the foremost scholars in the field of municipal government and was the leading proponent of a distinct distinction between administration and politics. His works remain very useful to students of urban politics.

Achievements and Honors

Goodnow was a brilliant scholar, devoted teacher and passionate public speaker. He was also a tireless advocate for his cause, especially in regard to racial equality and women’s rights.

His illustrious career was shaped by his many accomplishments and honors. He became the third president of Johns Hopkins University, a position he held until 1914.

During his time at Hopkins, he reformulated the undergraduate program, creating what was then called the “Goodnow Plan.” Students could enter Hopkins after two years of study in other universities and work toward an advanced degree.

He was also a co-founder and first president of Bluemont College. During his tenure there, Goodnow converted 82,000 acres of land given by the federal government to support the college into much needed cash.

Personal Life

John Goodnow was a professor of public administration at Columbia University for over 50 years. His scholarly work focused on the study of governmental institutions and, in particular, on how political theory was applied to administrative practice.

He helped redraft the New York City charter and served on President Taft’s commission on economy and efficiency. He also wrote about municipal politics and a number of important works on bureaucratic reform.

He was the author of Politics and Administration (1900), which remains useful to students of urban political development in the United States today. It showed how the popular will was articulated through the cleavage between bossism and reformism in governmental administration, and it influenced the development of public administration for half a century.

Net Worth

In addition to his income from Fennemore, Goodnow owns at least 464,390 units of Senseonics Inc stock worth $5,353,698. Over the last 7 years he has made 9 trades of the company’s stock. His largest trade was selling 464,390 units of Senseonics on 10 February 2022 for $1,142,399.

Goodnow’s estimated net worth is at least $8.71 Million as of 10 February 2022. Despite his large holdings, he only makes $2,211,200 as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Senseonics. As a result, his stock trades make up an important part of his net worth. As of this writing, he has made 69,069 trades of this stock since 2016. His average trade is 69,069 units every 109 days. This shows that he is a heavy trader and has a strong stock portfolio.

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