John Goheen

John Goheen

John goheen is an award winning photojournalist who has spent decades awe-inspiring us and shaping the way we see the world. He’s also a pioneering producer, a storyteller and a teacher.

He is the first three-time winner of television’s top photojournalist award, the National Press Photographers Association’s Television News Photographer of the Year. He is also a Sprague Memorial Award recipient and a regional Emmy winner.

Early Life and Education

John goheen was born in Kolhapur, India, where his parents were American Presbyterian missionaries. After he graduated from high school, he went to Princeton.

During his tenure as president, he implemented changes that helped the University increase ethnic and racial diversity. He also expanded its commitment to research and increased alumni contributions.

This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, proposals, reports, papers, class materials, American Philosophical Association files, and photograph albums pertaining to Goheen’s teaching and scholarly work at Stanford, 1951-1977; and overseas studies in Japan and Taiwan, 1952-1963. It also includes material pertaining to an intercultural education project in the Palo Alto Unified School District, 1960-1962.

Professional Career

john goheen is a documentary filmmaker, producer and educator who has traveled throughout the world to photograph major stories. He is a three-time winner of television’s top award for photojournalism, the National Press Photographers Association’s (NPPA) Television News Photographer of the Year and is a recipient of the Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award.

He has worked at numerous television stations, including NBC, CBS and Fox. He is a founding faculty member of the NPPA Advanced StoryTellers Workshop and has conducted seminars at many television stations and universities.

He also serves as a board member for the Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Association, a DC-based nonprofit organization that provides social services for homeless, immigrant and refugee populations. He also is a member of the American Bar Association and the Washington, D.C. Bar Steering Committee on Antitrust and Competition.

Achievements and Honors

Throughout his career John Goheen has been recognized for the excellence of his work in television news and feature photography, documentary filmmaking, and video storytelling. He was a pioneer and visionary in the field, and his work continues to inspire and awe audiences around the world.

When he was a student at Princeton, Goheen excelled in his coursework and was a member of the Pyne Honor Society. He was also an active student athlete.

In 1963 he was elected to become the 16th president of Princeton University. During his tenure, the University became coeducational, expanded its commitment to research and increased its ethnic and racial diversity.

He also led the University’s first capital fundraising drive, the $53 Million for Princeton campaign. During that time the University built Jadwin Gymnasium, the University Art Museum and the Architecture Building.

Personal Life

John Goheen has a unique ability to connect people with their stories. He is an award winning photojournalist, producer and educator.

Whether on the news or in the classroom, his work awes viewers and inspires them to action. For 37 years, he has been shaping the visual communications industry.

He is a three-time winner of the National Press Photographers Association Television News Photographer of the Year and has received 16 Emmy awards.

He has traveled to over 100 countries to photograph major stories and world events. Often working alone in harsh conditions, his assignments have included the civil war and famine in Somalia; Desert Storm; the eruption of Mt. St. Helens; the Super Bowl; and the grueling Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska.

Net Worth

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