John Gless

John Gless

John Gless is an author, spiritual teacher and meditation facilitator. He has authored 10 books and founded the YouTube channel ‘Spiritual Unfoldment.’

He has traveled the globe and gained much spiritual wisdom. He is renowned for his unique ability to translate traditional teachings into practical application in daily life.

Early Life and Education

John was born in England at the start of World War II and was raised with a loving family that never forgot its struggles. Despite these difficulties, John never forgot his childhood home or those difficult years growing up.

He received an impressive education at Enfield School, renowned for its instruction of young men in mathematics, science, literature, history and Greek and Latin. A voracious reader of classics, mythology and travel books, he proved to be an unimpressive student in the classroom.

John earned an associate degree at Northampton Community College before enrolling at PSU-LV in 2015. John is a positive individual who always strives for excellence, and is known as one of the most caring students on campus. With such an incredible support system, it is no wonder why he is succeeding so well at Penn State Lehigh Valley!

Professional Career

John spent most of his professional life in the insurance industry. Throughout his 45 year tenure with Prudential Insurance Company, John held multiple management positions and enjoyed many adventures around the globe.

He loved taking vacations and spending quality time with family and friends. Additionally, he enjoyed outdoor activities like skiing or hiking in the mountains.

After graduating from Princeton University, he went on to work in several management positions at Prudential Insurance Company. He relished the traveling opportunities that his career afforded him and met many inspiring people along the way.

Achievements and Honors

John Gless was the recipient of several awards during his academic career, including the Distinguished Service Award in Operations Research.

He earned this honor because of his outstanding contributions to the College. Additionally, he served as President of the Federalist Society chapter during law school, debating important legal topics with fellow students.

His passion for languages led him to become fluent in Japanese and Spanish as well as being highly proficient in German. He was able to communicate with people from around the world and had an infectious sense of humor. Above all else, however, will be remembered for his kindness and dedication towards family and friends.

Personal Life

John was an incredibly social and caring individual who always treated everyone with respect. Throughout his life, John helped many people in need by providing shelter or vouching for them at immigration hearings.

He and Dianne shared an enthusiasm for sports, particularly Colorado football and basketball. Together they enjoyed taking trips to watch the Buffs play across America.

His beloved wife of 63 years and their four children, all of whom have passed away, remain with him. Additionally, he is survived by his grandchildren. All of his family and friends will greatly miss him.

Net Worth

John Gless is a globally renowned individual who rose from humble beginnings through hard work and determination. As such, he has gained enormous success on social media, garnering millions of followers around the world.

He has amassed a substantial income through his work and boasts an impressive net worth. Furthermore, he owns several cars and other properties which have further added to his success.

He is a successful motivational speaker and his primary income comes from his speaking career. Additionally, he owns several stocks which have been sold over the years for an aggregate total of $762,384.

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