John Faulis

John Faulis – An Expert in the Real Estate Field

John Faulis is a Las Vegas-based real estate broker who takes great pride in his work ethic and integrity. As one of Southern Nevada’s top producing agents, John consistently ranks among the top 250 agents nationwide.

Faulis, as one of the principals behind Ruby Falls, has a deep-seated desire for the project to succeed. However, he’s deeply uncertain as to what will happen with Aqualegacy – the company holding a mortgage on the property – should it fail.

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Professional Career

John Faulis has been in the real estate business for close to two decades, providing clients with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Whether you’re searching to purchase, sell or rent your home, he can assist you in reaching your home ownership objectives. From finding that ideal piece of land for a new residence to guiding you through buying or selling your current residence, John will be by your side every step of the way. He’s also qualified to assist with mortgages, insurance policies and other financial needs; with such an extensive network of lenders at his disposal you can rest assured knowing your mortgage is in capable hands.

Achievements and Honors

John Faulis has earned a number of accolades for his accomplishments as a real estate agent in Las Vegas for years, consistently being one of the top agents. His dedication to clients and finding them the best deals has been recognized through his high referral rate and returning client list. John has received several awards, such as Graduate Real Estate Institute (GRI) designation and Vegas Inc Broker of the Year award; additionally, National Association of Realtors inducted him into its Hall of Fame for his dedication to this industry.

Personal Life

John Faulis is an experienced real estate agent well-known for his work in Las Vegas. With over twenty years of experience as a licensed broker, he has earned recognition for his dedication to customer service and expertise within the industry. John has received numerous awards and accolades for his innovations within this field as well.

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