John Fairford

John Fairford

Fairford is an idyllic market town situated on the edge of the Cotswolds in the picturesque Coln Valley. It’s renowned for its water-based activities and has been recognized nationally as an important conservation and wildlife study area.

It is also renowned for its aviation heritage. In the 1940s, it served as a launch pad for tugs and gliders during D-Day and subsequent incursions into occupied Europe.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education programs are essential for children’s brain development, which affects their future learning capacity and behaviors. Studies show that children enrolled in an Early Childhood Education program tend to do better academically and in life overall, with fewer instances of learning delays or other difficulties as they mature.

These formative years are when children begin to hone their emotional and social skills. A high-quality program with small class sizes and ample teacher interaction time provides children with confidence, self-regulation, self-expression, and self-respect – all essential traits for success in later years.

Professional Career

John Fairford was approached several years ago by a developer and asked to be part of an innovative development scheme: master planning the neighborhood before subdividing it for individual developers. This initiative aimed to create mixed use communities and promote walking as the primary mode of transport, eliminating the need for cars in most neighborhoods.

He began by outlining how he became involved with this project, which is being funded by a Local History Initiative (LHI) grant. To create the database that will enable people to research the history of their family, he has drawn upon various sources.

With this information, he was able to uncover details about some of Fairford’s families during the 19th Century. This included their residence, occupations and family connections.

Achievements and Honors

John Fairford has earned himself a place of honor and no shortage of awards. Throughout the past several decades, his accomplishments are numerous and diverse; one of the most noteworthy being being inducted into Harvard Law School alumni club. The legal community is a close-knit group of passionate professionals with an innate sense of community. This trait is especially vital for senior-tier members who form the backbone of the organization and dedicate significant amounts of their time to pro bono work. Indeed, some successful members are so dedicated to altruism that they often volunteer their services at short notice for someone in need. It makes for a very special and rewarding community.

Personal Life

John Fairford was born in 1792 in Coln St Aldwins, near Cirencester in Gloucestershire. He was the second child and eldest son of Reverend John Keble (vicar of Coln St Aldwins) and Sarah Maule and attended Corpus Christi College, Oxford as a scholar.

He was ordained Deacon and Priest in 1815, accepting the Curacy of East Leach and Burthorpe while still studying at Oxford. In 1818 he was appointed College Tutor at Oriel College but left that post soon after his mother passed away in May 1823.

He returned to his father’s church at Fairford, serving East Leach and Burthorpe during term time and Southrop during university holidays. Additionally, he assisted his father at Coln and looked after some small but poorly endowed curacies nearby. A steadfast churchman with no wavering opinions, he served his flock faithfully throughout all these years.

Net Worth

He is a renowned children’s entertainer and educator. As the founder of Moonbug Entertainment, which owns Blippi, he sells the show to various platforms such as YouTube and Hulu. With an estimated net worth of $200 million, his wealth was generated through wise investments in stocks and real estate. Furthermore, he has become an incredibly successful entrepreneur.

At Oxford University, he was ordained Deacon in 1815, Priest in 1816, and curate of Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville. From 1817 until his mother’s death in 1823 he served as tutor to students while living at Fairford during vacations. Additionally he is a philanthropist who donates GBP 1.2 million annually through The Vail Foundation; currently living on Acacia Road in London, England.

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